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Ambulatory Linen Services

Unitex Textile Rental Services

Do you run a healthcare facility in Hartford, Connecticut? Keep track of your facility’s medical linens without actually keeping track of them! Unitex has an excellent reputation in Hartford linen services based on reliability, quality, tailor-made services, and advanced technology. When you entrust your linens with us at Unitex, you can already forget about it or when the next pickup or delivery is going to be; Unitex trucks will show up at your Hartford address at your agreed schedule – right before you run out of clean linens or you get an overload of soiled ones.

Services Offered

Patient Linen Apparel

Patient linens – gowns, spreads, sheets, towels – are often the most overlooked and most wasted kind of medical linens where laundry services are concerned. Take control of your stocks and inventory – AND COSTS – with the help of Unitex services. We have regular schedules and a usage-planner that will help you make sure your linens are in check.

Medical Apparel

Don’t let bad stains ruin the professional, sleek look of your medical team. Get Unitex’s medical linen services for the cleanest, safest, and most efficient medical apparel and linens. We have a specialized facility run by our team of experts to make sure that each item comes out free and devoid of any traces – seen and unseen – from previous shifts.

Resident Clothing/Specialty Services

Give your residents and their families the assurance that their loved ones and their personal items are cared for at your facility. Get our special services for clothing, personal and other linens for assisted care residents. We have a facility dedicated especially for the care of these delicate items so they are cleaned according to industry standards and are nowhere near harmful soiled linens from other medical facilities like hospitals.

Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

Give your surgical team the highest level of protection with our line of comfortable, non-disposable surgical linens and apparel. Our items are approved not only by the highest standards in the medical field but are approved by doctors and surgeons themselves for comfort and ease of movement. We have some of the biggest and most advanced facilities for surgical and other linens to provide assurance against contamination.

Uniform Rental Services

Give your hospital apparel a more customized, organized look. Get Unitex’ Uniform Rental Services for hospital personnel. Choose from our wide range of fabrics, colors, and other materials to find the one that can best represent your company and your professional staff. Your employees can also make special specifications to make the uniforms suit their body type and line of work better.

Environmental Services Products

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are some of the dirtiest, most germ-infested places in the world. Stop spreading the germs and keep your employees and patients safe from the harmful bacteria with our line of microfiber cleaners. Our cleaners are designed to absorb moisture and dust that are known to harbor and be a breeding ground for disease-carrying germs.

Facility Management Services

Stay focused on caring for your patients! Don’t let your worries about linens and inventory get in the way of you giving the utmost care for your patients. Let our Unitex experts manage your linen use, linen costs, and linen stocks for efficiency and cost-reduction purposes.

Prestige Linen

Provide a more luxurious service to your patients with equally luxurious patient linens! Choose from our Prestige Linen line where the threads are of a higher count, and satisfaction and comfort are a guarantee.

Medical Uniform and Linen Facility