When life and public health are at stake, there is no room for error or mediocrity! For Philadelphia medical linen and uniform services that you can trust to deliver the level of efficiency and hygiene that meets your standards, trust only Unitex.

Unitex boasts of the most comprehensive medical linen and uniform services in Philadelphia. We have the widest range of professional services for all kinds of healthcare facilities and an even larger selection of high-quality linens and garments both for professional and patient use. We cater to the needs of medical and healthcare facilities of all sizes – you can trust that no matter how big or small your need is, you get the same, consistent, dedicated quality that only Unitex can bring to the table.

With Unitex, you can trust that:

  • Our facilities use the latest in innovative laundry care technology. Our operations and equipment are designed to address the unique needs of the healthcare industry for efficiency, convenience, and laundry quality.
  • Our products have been carefully considered and measured against some of the most stringent quality control standards to ensure that only the best, hardest-wearing, and most technologically-advanced end up in your supply chain.
  • Unitex complies with the highest federal and state standards set in the handling of healthcare linens and garments; furthermore, we are also certified Hygienically Clean by the TRSA.
  • Our entire process operates strictly with the goal of topnotch hygiene at every step, from pickup to delivery, to make sure that cross-contamination is completely avoided.  

We operate 365 days a year, day-in and day-out in order to deliver quality service anytime and every time. Unitex is committed to sustainable laundry practices. Our operations are designed to reduce our carbon footprint and to not be complicit in the pollution of our waterways. We run multiple plants to address the unique needs of different types of healthcare facilities, each of which you can rely on to deliver our services in the same impressive and impeccable quality that we have been known since we first opened our doors over 90 years ago. Our deliveries are on-time and precise, our billing is accurate and honest because we value the relationships that we form over the money we earn.

Unitex specializes in the care and maintenance as well as the supply of medical linens and garments. Our diverse range of services means that we can cater to a wider range of medical and healthcare facilities as well. Unitex is your most reliable partner for medical linen and uniform services in Philadelphia, for all kinds of facilities:

Unitex stands for quality, safety, and convenience: the answer to all your needs for reliable, professional, topnotch medical linen and uniform services in Philadelphia.

Get started on our services today! Contact us at 866.864.8399 or get in touch with us here.  

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