Learn about the latest in the medical linens industry and the latest innovations, news, and other happenings within our Unitex network.

The Importance of Clean Medical Linens

In the healthcare industry, a patient’s needs are always the first priority. With that being said, healthcare businesses should do everything in their power to ensure patients are comfortable and experiencing the quality they expect. Clean medical linens are important because they allow patients to feel more comfortable and at ease, they also are important…

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Unitex Acquires Oceanside Institutional Industries, LLC

Mt. Vernon, NY, July, 2016- Unitex, a regional business with locations throughout the Northeast and a leader in the healthcare laundry industry, is continuing to grow.  In addition to its newly opened facility in Linden, New Jersey, Unitex has just acquired Oceanside Institutional Industries LLC, one of the largest healthcare linen rental, laundry and uniform…

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Unitex Opens its 12th Facility in the Northeast

New Plant in Linden, NJ Will Employee Over 200 Local Residents Linden, NJ, May 2016— Unitex, a regional healthcare laundry company with locations throughout the Northeast, is opening its 12th facility at 301 Pleasant Street in Linden, N.J. This will be the fourth facility the company owns and operates in the state of New Jersey,…

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