Why Your Staff Needs Rental Scrubs

Why Your Staff Needs Rental Scrubs

It’s impossible to imagine the medical profession without scrubs. In fact, scrubs have become so iconic that they inspired their own TV series.

There’s no surprise here, though. Scrubs are designed to make life and work so much easier for the working medical professional. How, you may ask? Here are some of the benefits of rental scrubs:

1. Scrubs provide easy identification within the organization.

This is especially true of the color-coded scrubs used in different hospitals and healthcare facilities. Not only do scrubs allow for patients to easily identify themselves, but the organization can create distinctions between each department in the facility without having to refer to identification cards that are not as easily visible as the clothes that employees wear.

2. Scrubs allow for easy identification of stains.

Stains from bodily fluids like blood, saliva and even vomit are unavoidable in hospitals. That is why scrubs are designed to be plain and are sold in colors that will show stains easily. This is so soiled scrubs can be sent for cleaning or scrapping, depending on where the stain originated. Renting scrubs makes removing stains even easier, since most medical rental facilities are equipped to handle stained garments.

3. Scrubs protect against contaminants.

Scrubs are designed using thicker materials than your usual clothing, making them better suited to protect the wearer from soils and spills and dangerous contaminants that could easily seep through thinner materials. These multi-purpose uniforms are also meant to be processed within the facility or isolated in specialized healthcare linen facilities to make sure that any contaminants they might have picked up are contained and that the scrubs that get back to the facility are clean and clear of possible infection-causing particles. If you decide to rent scrubs from our Hygienically Clean-certified business, you can rest assured that our services meet the highest possible standards for medical linens.

4. Scrubs are made of tougher material.

Scrubs are not just made of tough material for the purpose of preventing stains from seeping into the wearer’s skin. They are also made of material strong enough to withstand the rigorous cleaning process they undergo. Rental scrubs are washed in heat using cleaning agents usually too strong for ordinary fabrics to endure.

5. Scrubs are more functional.

Scrubs are developed with complete functionality in mind. Though there are several different designs, scrubs are made for functionality over aesthetics. Some scrubs have deep pockets, some are made for easy wearing and removing, and some are made with thicker materials than others. It all depends on where they’re going to be used. But despite their differences, all scrubs are designed to make the lives of medical professionals easier and more convenient. Renting scrubs only further simplifies the entire process.

6. Scrubs are inexpensive.

Scrubs are among the most economical options available for working medical professionals. They are made of good, quality, tough material and are cheap enough that replacements aren’t a financial burden.

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