Warm-Up Jackets

Warm-Up Jackets

Perfect Function, Perfect Form: Warm-Up Jackets

The medical profession is already demanding as it is. Don’t make it any worse for your staff with unbearably cold days and nights at work. Get warm-up jackets from Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services!

Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services offers a line of warm-up jackets that is designed to meet every medical professional’s  needs. They are made of the highest quality material. Our warm-up jackets are engineered to offer a comfortable, snug warmth but are tailored to allow ease of movement so wearers can stay warm on-the-go and on top of their game even through the challenges of chilly, hectic shifts.

Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services warm-up jackets are also designed for durability – the materials are made to last the thorough, deep wash and care that we do to ensure an excellent clean – and are available in a variety of colors to suit personal and professional preferences.

What Can We Offer You?

At Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services, our trademark has always been excellence in cleanliness and convenience, creating an operation that is designed to meet the highest demands and standards in healthcare linens while making sure that you get a steady supply of clean, safe linens and apparel without disrupting your operations.

As we do with all of our other products, our warm-up jackets are processed in a facility that practices TRSA-accredited laundry methods. This leaves you assured that your medical professionals and your patients are safe and guarded against the risk of linen-induced cross-contamination.

Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services is also the most reliable name when it comes to the ease of doing business. We utilize a system that ensures inventory management is easy, deliveries are on-time, and bills are accurate!

With topnotch results, excellent solutions, and the right people, you can rest assured that your medical apparel needs are in the best hands with Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services!

Apparel Fit For Your Needs

Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services is your local expert in medical apparel that puts together form and function, excellent customer service, and complete solutions to fit your most exacting of needs.

Contact Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services today to learn more about what we can do for your business or if you have any questions regarding our medical apparel program.

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