Exclusive, dedicated facilities for your business.

Professional and Ambulatory
Linen Services

To try and service your needs from a small part of one of our larger facilities would not be the best solution for you or your patients. At Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services, we believe that the businesses you run today are the next wave in healthcare. So we’ve created focused, dedicated ambulatory linen services, linen supply, and laundry solutions expressly for you.

Our next delivery is still our most important delivery.

Extended Care & Hospital
Linen Services

We take extra care in our linen service, and make sure that you receive your high-quality linen products on-time in order to keep your business running smoothly.

Exclusive, dedicated facilities for your business.

Environmental Service Products

Entrance Mats, Rubberized Mats, Conventional Wet and Dust Mops, Microfiber Wet and Dust Mops. Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services line of microfiber wet and dust mops, entrance mats, rubberized mats, and conventional wet and dust mops are qualified in protecting you and your business.

No matter your needs, Unitex has solutions.

Specialty Linens & Services

We believe that full service means exactly that, meeting all of your needs. That is why it is important to us to always do the small things right. Our Specialty Division offers you a full range of support services that are high in quality, value and consistency.

Only Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services does it all

For 100 years, our family-run business has been leading the way in the medical uniform and linen rental industry.

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Here at Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services, we take pride in our professional service.

We’re On The Lookout for
Reliable People!

Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services awarded “Corporation of the Year” by the Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives! Read the press release

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