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The healthcare industry is relentlessly fast-paced, sleepless, and constantly expanding in size and scope. Whether in an assisted living facility, private practice, or hospital, there are several ways to affect change in healthcare. As 2023 approaches, medical personnel prepares for a new year filled with unique obstacles to overcome. Unitex understands that to keep up with modern practices and to bring exceptional service, no element is undeserving of first-class quality. Start 2023 right with healthcare linen and uniforms from Unitex!

Why Unitex?

The chain of care is the most critical component of any health facility. First response, diagnosis, treatments, post-care, and everything in between are at the core of excellent service. If one step fails, a devastating ripple effect may follow. Unitex is proud to facilitate an outstanding experience with healthcare linen and uniform service that stands head and shoulders above our competitors. 

Honoring Hygienic Standards

In no other industry is adhering to sanitary procedures more important than healthcare. In matters of life and death, no stone should be left unturned in ensuring your staff and patients are protected. Each thread woven into our uniforms proves our commitment to merging the best of safety and functionality. Sterile procedures constantly change. Empower your staff with Unitex medical uniforms that consistently meet the mark and honor the strict demands in healthcare, no matter any changing guidelines. 

Creating Good First Impressions

Proper bedside manner is a crucial aspect of providing comprehensively outstanding care. Whether you outfit your staff in our lab coats, scrubs, or warm-up jackets, enjoy a durable, absorbent garment that repels harmful bacteria and viruses while maintaining a professional appearance that puts your customers at ease. The same quality applies to our patient apparel and linens. Unitex patient gowns, pillowcases, towels, bedsheets, and beyond bring the luxury that patients crave in their times of uncertainty. We go the extra mile to achieve the warm embrace that makes your facility closer to an extension of the home. Boost morale and accelerate recovery in subtle but profound ways. 

Reliable Infection Control

Medical establishments are excellent vectors for the transmission of disease. Equipping your business with every line of defense available is paramount to reducing the risk of infections that prolong recovery. That’s why Unitex inspects each uniform with a fine-tooth comb to ensure no damage is present before they make your inventory. If we find it, they’re taken out of circulation and replaced with one that reflects your image of success.   

Full Service from Top to Bottom

Our job doesn’t end with a world-class uniform and linen catalog. When you start 2023 right with healthcare linen and uniforms from Unitex, you inherit seamless deliveries, state-of-the-art industrial laundering facilities, a hassle-free repair/replacement program, and an expert customer service team ready to replace your questions with solutions.

Unitex is Your #1 Option in Healthcare Linen and Uniforms

Start 2023 right with healthcare linen and uniforms from Unitex and redefine the standard in what top-tier service looks like this new year. Call us today at 914-840-3200, or email us to learn more about what we bring to the table!