Prestige Linen

Prestige Linen

T-180 or higher thread count Colored Linen, Oversized Towels and Specialty Robes
  • The Prestige linen collection allows you to create a more attractive and comfortable setting for your patients.
  • Prestige linen allows you the opportunity to differentiate your facility from other facilities or medical practices.
Sometimes, all it takes to make a hospital stay just a tiny bit more comfortable is a soft towel, higher thread-count bed linens, and more colorful sheets. But these specialized linens, that are without a doubt fit for royalty and the occasional celebrity that we get to bump into, can get a little pricey. It is definitely a little risky to invest in expensive linens and it is even riskier to find a medical linen service company that can keep them as sanitary as they are exquisite. Thankfully, you can get both with Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services Prestige Linen line.
Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services is not just home of the best linen services available; we are also the home of the best choices for linens. Our Prestige line of specialized medical linens includes oversized towels, exquisite robes, and linens with thread counts of T-180 or higher. With Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services expertise in the field of medical linens and medical linen services, you can be assured that your top of the line linens are well cared for in the brand of excellence that Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services alone can offer.
Prestige Linens

We have several items offered under our Prestige Linens line:

  • Specialty robes
  • Colored linens
  • High thread count linens
  • Oversized towels
Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services is Your Best Choice
With over a century of experience under our belt, it’s easy to think that we’ve peaked, that we’ve stopped changing things because after all, Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services seemingly has been around forever. But we remain true to our dedication to complete customer satisfaction and work hard on improving our services. That is how the Prestige line of linens came to be.
We understand fully well that you would want to offer something different to your patients, something that would set you apart from your competition. Surely, our Prestige Linens, in all their exquisite and high quality comfort, will give you the edge in patient care and patient satisfaction. Couple this with our reputation for high-grade, industry standard-approved facilities and medical linen handling process, you and your patients can rest assured that your linens are as clean as they
are comfortable.
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