Our Commitment to Sustainability

Fresh Linen & Uniforms Every Day!

Every morning as the sun rises, the Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services team is cleaning and delivering fresh linens and uniforms to healthcare facilities throughout the northeast. Our products are reusable which means the Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services business model is fundamentally “green” every single day. But we also do so much more to conserve and protect resources like:

Conserving the Big 3!

At Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services we manage and fine-tune our processes to preserve the Big 3 Resources. This flyer highlights the daily systems that demonstrate our ongoing green mindset.

Higher Standards

Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services takes the lead in setting the “green” standard to protect natural resources, recycle waste, and educate our industry and community.

  • We collect and recycle over 1.8 million pounds of plastic a year.
  • We use 100% organic chemicals and helped create an NPE-free  detergent. We also researched and replaced the use of chlorine bleach with an oxygen-based, biodegradable agent which pro- tects the water system, and reduces linen damage and waste.
  • Our feet of 200 trucks is equipped with the latest technology for route optimization, in-cab coaching, idle-time monitoring, fuel conservation, and air quality control.
  • We share our knowledge and green-mindset by holding educational events and contributing to donation programs. Examples include refurbishing linens and bedding for college bound students, donating products to animal shelters and disaster relief programs; and running Earth Day activities with elementary schools.
  • Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services gives plant tours to share our best green practices with both customers and other businesses in our industry.

Why Reusable vs Single Use