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Patient Linen and Apparel

At Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services, we want you to give your patients the best of everything while they are in your care. Provide your patients with clean and comfortable patient linens and apparel through Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services. The specialized linens we have for patients are as follows:
At Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services, we have all the products and services your business needs to help you keep your patients comfortable during their stay at your facility. In addition, our patient linen and apparel services take the burden of cleaning and washing off of you and your staff. A patient’s comfort is the ultimate priority at any healthcare facility, thus, make sure this criteria is met by using Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services patient apparel for your patient linens.
  • Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services provides full, on-time deliveries of high-quality patient linens and an invoice that accurately and honestly reflects the charges you have accrued for our linen services.
  • Individually packaged patient apparel assures patient comfort. It also allows complete confidence in the sanitation of our linen products.
  • Our services include linen that is operated in the most state-of-the art automated facilities in the industry and a fully integrated linen management program. Bottom line? Our linen service products are the best products and best value in our industry.

Why Choose Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services

Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services is your best choice for medical linen services. We cover a whole range of medical facilities and other healthcare establishments, provide a host of high-quality and reliable linen services, and have a number of different state-of- the art automated facilities to best care for all of our clients no matter what services they may need. It is also part of our commitment to tailor our services to best suit your individual needs that in turn, you may best serve your patients and clients. Contact a representative today by calling 866-864- 8399 to get started on a linen service today!

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