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Estimated savings are based on the
following industry standards & averages:


Avg. Reusable
Pad Rental Price


Avg. Hospital Reusable
Replacement Cost
Per Underpad


Unit Reduction by
Switching from
Disposables to


/ Lb.

Unit Waste Cost of

Now a Premium Reusable Underpad
that is Even More Cost Effective

See the Benefits of
Reusables Vs. Disposables

  • No upfront investment
  • Locked in pricing vs. variable single use disposables
  • Not subject to global supply chain disruptions
  • Larger & More Absorbent Pads

The Responsible Choice for Your
Patients, Your Budget and the

1Effective Moisture Management
The Unitex UltraMAX Underpad has cutting-edge barrier technology that helps improve your ability to control risk factors for breakdown including moisture, pressure and heat.
2Effective Pressure Management
Unlike traditional underpads, the breathable Unitex UltraMAX Underpad allows moisture vapor to escape – maintaining cooler, drier and more comfortable conditions for patients.
3Effective Temperature Management
The higher the temperature, the more heat is moved away from the patient. The Unitex UltraMAX Underpad keeps patients nearly as cool as if no pad were used.

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