Calculate Your On-Premise Laundry Costs

On-Premise Laundry costs are only rising. Have you considered:

The effects of minimum wage laws on your labor costs? What is the minimum wage in your state going to be in 5 years?

How decreased government reimbursements will affect your revenue?

The effects of future capital expenditure requirements on your operational costs?

How staying in compliance with complex workplace-safety and infection-control regulations affect your operational costs?

The costs associated with turning your facility into a “green” operation?

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The Unitex Textile Rental Advantage
  • • 100+ years of top-notch healthcare linen and uniform rental services.
  • • Over 7,500 customers throughout the Northeast
  • • 12 state-of-the-art facilities spread out in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut
  • • “Our 13th state-of-the-art facility recently opened in 2022, also in Massachusetts.
  • • A dedicated, hands-on account manager assigned to your facility
  • •Industry leading quality and service
Other Benefits of Outsourcing with Unitex
  • • Enhance patient satisfaction with the quality and variety of our products
  • • Reassign your laundry workers to other labor-intensive departments
  • • Turn your old laundry space into a profit center such as a spa, café, or fitness center

Your Costs

According to our data, the result in the calculator is what it costs your facility annually to run your on premise laundry.

Multiple cost analysis studies were used that have been conducted at nursing home facilities ranging in size and geography. Your number was derived from averages that were calculated.

To learn more about how we determined your costs and to see what you would save by outsourcing your laundry to Unitex please click the “request more information” button above or click here and give us a little more information so that we can schedule a time to to meet with you and conduct a free, NO OBLIGATION cost analysis of your laundry operations.

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