When it comes to yourNew London, CT medical linen and uniform service, trust the security, reliability, and expertise of Unitex!

Unitex delivers satisfaction in every step of our service – from the quality of the textiles and garments to the very people that bring your items to your doorstep.

What Unitex’s Medical Linen and Uniform Service Offers Your New London, CT Facility

We have a complete range of products and services to equip medical facilities of all types and sizes:

Patient Linen and Apparel

Unitex offers a wide selection of high-quality patient linen and apparel in New London, CT. Our selection is ideal for use in different facilities, including long-term care facilities, hospitals, and small practices. Unitex ensures quality, durability, wearer comfort, and hygienic quality for your patients’ safety and peace of mind.  

Medical Apparel

Your employees deserve optimum protection day in and day out. Give them the best with Unitex’s Hygienically Clean medical apparel service! We use the safest procedures to uphold your infection control standards.

Resident Clothing/Specialty Service

Deliver better quality care to your residents with cleaner clothing and personal items. Unitex’s resident clothing and specialty laundry service does exactly that, and more! We provide the same level of protection and the same kind of reliable cleanliness for all your patients’ most prized items.

Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

Maintain the highest level of quality and care for your most critical surgical linen and protective apparel through Unitex’s expert medical textile care. We uphold the highest level of infection control precautions at every stage of the process. 

Uniform Rental Service

In need of commercial uniforms in New London, CT? We have them too! Our uniform rental service is especially ideal for the supply and care of your non-medical personnel’s uniform needs. It comes with the same assurance of optimum convenience, top-notch product quality, and ease of transaction. 

Environmental Service Products

Upgrade your floor care with the right tools and the right aide from Unitex! Our mop and mat rental service ensure that you have a stable supply of clean, safe, and ready-to-use floor mats and mops.  

Management Service

Upgrading your on-premise laundry operations is made easier with Unitex’s linen management service. We’ll use our expertise to help your facility increase productivity and efficiency while ensuring the best results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Prestige Linen

Unitex helps you take patient care to another level with our Prestige Linen selection. Items in this collection feature a higher thread count for better and more luxurious patient care. 

Culinary Linen and Apparel

Unitex also serves the linen and apparel needs of the foodservice industry! We have a complete selection of employee uniforms and apparel, as well as basic and specialized linen for your front- and back-of-the-house operations.

Cardiology Capes

With help from Unitex, you will have access to a steady supply of Hygienically Clean mammography and cardiology capes.

Pillowcase Services

Pleasantly surprise your patients with comfortable sleeping arrangements including high-quality pillowcases from Unitex.

Your Most Reliable New London, CT Medical Linen Service

From Hygienically Clean healthcare linens to customer service, Unitex brings you the best of everything you need from your medical linen and uniform service. With Unitex, you can focus on improving patient care and increasing efficiency in your operations, without your garment and textile needs getting in the way.

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