Looking for medical linen or apparel service in New Jersey? Unitex can provide the quality materials and professional service healthcare providers in New Jersey need to ensure patient comfort and safety.

Medical Linen and Apparel Services We Provide New Jersey Healthcare Facilities

Medical facilities in New Jersey looking for a reliable, secure source of medical linen, apparel, environmental products, and more will find what they’re looking for at Untex.

We specialize solely in the healthcare and medical industry, so you can trust you are getting the best quality services for your healthcare practice.

We provide the following services for New Jersey healthcare facilities:


Patient Linen and Apparel

Patient Gowns




Bath Towels

Adult Diapers & Underpads

Surgical Linens and Protective Apparel

Surgical Gown

Isolation Gown

Unisex Protective Coat

Surgical Towels

Environmental Service Products

Traditional Wet Mop

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber Dust Mops

Traditional Wet Mop

Culinary Apparel and Linen

Chef Coats

Chef Pants

Kitchen Towels


Table Linen


For Medical Linen and Apparel Service in New Jersey, Unitex Leads the Way

Unitex is family-owned business that has worked hard for over a century to become one of the leading medical uniform and linen rental companies. We are proud to presently be a leading business in our industry. Our attention to detail coupled with the high-quality products we provide through experienced service is exactly what healthcare providers need from a linen service or apparel service. 


Who We Are 

Join our president, David Potack, on a tour of our New Lawrence facility:

Improving Your Advantages

Despite our growth, we continue to provide our clients with the level of quality, cleanliness, and service that we have held ourselves accountable to since the beginning. We always strive to exceed expectations. Because we care about every aspect of our laundry, linen and uniform services, Unitex gives you a competitive advantage in your industry.

See Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services in Action!

Tour one of our ultra modern facilities to see for yourself how different Unitex Healthcare Laundry Services is.

For Quality, Reliable Medical Linen and Apparel Service in New Jersey

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Why Go With Unitex?

Looking for healthcare linen service or apparel service in New Jersey can be daunting for any medical facility. There are a lot of providers to choose from, and only a handful of ways to know they’ll deliver the materials on time and of the quality needed. This is where Unitex has several advantages:

Over 100 Years of Service

With over 100 years of experience providing New Jersey medical facilities with high-quality, always-reliably quality and clean materials, you know we’re ready for anything. No matter the size of your facility or your specialization, we’ve seen it, provided for it, and watched it grow. Our success and longevity in this field is driven by our relationship to our customers.

We like to see ourselves as partners in your efforts to provide a better quality of life for your patients. That’s a noble mission, and one we’ll stand behind and support every way we can.

Scroll through 100 years of Unitex below to get a sense of where we’ve been and how far we’re ready to go:

Accredited Healthcare Linen and Apparel Service

We’re TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Accredited

Having the TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Accreditation means several things:

  • We’ve passed regular, multi-round microbial testing of materials post-processing
  • Our management processes, utilized chemicals, and BMPs are recognized and up to code of various governmental agencies including the CDC and OSHA
  • Employees are trained and protected
  • Management understands legal requirements
  • Efficient plant operating proceedures

Learn more about our accreditations here.

We're Committed to Sustainability

Laundry is a resource-heavy activity. It requires a lot of water, electricity, and space to do properly and efficiently. Making the absolute best use of all of those components is not only necessary from a business perspective, but essential from an environmental one as well.

Because of this, we’ve made great strides toward improving our sustainable practices over the years.

Conserving the Big 3!

Why Reusable vs Single Use

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