new york medical linen

Your healthcare facility’s linen needs deserve no less than the care and skill of healthcare linen service experts. For the best linen and laundry services in New York state for a wide range of healthcare facilities, only one name stands out from the crowd: Unitex!

Unitex specializes in the supply, care, and maintenance of professional textiles and apparel for medical facilities of all sizes. We have everything you need for your patients, staff, and facility care and maintenance – from the most basic scrubs and bed sheets to medical protective apparel.

Unitex: Your New York Medical Linen Service Expert

Unitex provides a wide range of apparel and linens that have been selected and maintained according to the standards and specialized requirements of the healthcare industry:

 – Patient Linen and Apparel

 – Medical Apparel

 – Resident Clothing/Specialty Services

 – Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

 – Uniform Rental Services

 – Environmental Service Products

 – Management Services

 – Culinary Linen and Apparel

 – Cardiology Capes

 – Pillowcase Services

Unitex: Providing for the Needs of Medical Facilities

This is the New York medical linen service company that has all your healthcare linen needs covered. Our skills, expertise, and facilities have been concentrated in the linen service needs of the healthcare industry. As such, every part of our operations was designed to uphold the strictest standards in hygiene and safety, putting up the strongest guards against cross-contamination.

Our proof? Our TRSA Hygienically Healthcare Certification and the long list of the happiest clients running the following facilities:


  •         Acute Care Facilities
  •         Long-Term Care Facilities
  •         Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  •         Diagnostic Clinics
  •         Physician and Dental Practices
  •         Imaging Centers
  •         Multi-Specialty Centers
  •         Clinical Laboratories
  •         Walk-in Medical Clinics
  •         Dialysis Centers


Expert Solutions and Specialized Facilities for Your New York Linen Service Needs

Unitex is the New York medical linen service specialist that understands your facility’s most unique needs. On top of using state-of-the-art technology to deliver results of exceptional quality, we have also created service facilities that address the differing volume and frequency needs of our clients.

We have a dedicated facility for institutional clients, operating round-the-clock, throughout the year – remaining open to adjustments to accommodate larger orders – to make sure that your deliveries do not miss the mark. We also have a dedicated facility only for New York’s growing ambulatory linen market that operates to ensure that your linen and apparel needs are provided for – no matter how little or big the need may be.

There is no other New York linen service company that cares about your unique needs the way we do at Unitex. And this, coupled with our dedication to exceptional quality results, our large team of linen care experts who never work until excellence is achieved on all fronts – from pick-up to tracking to treatment and delivery – and our time-tested industry experience, guarantees you service that is seamless, dependable, and completely hygienically clean and safe for use in your medical facility.

Get Your New York Medical Linen Service from Unitex Today!

What are you waiting for? Get the linen service results that your facility, patients, and professional team truly deserve! Call 914-840-3200 today to speak with our consultants or to schedule a plant tour. We are looking forward to working with you.