Your patients’ and employees’ need for safety and comfort never end. That is why you need a healthcare linen service in Newark, DE that can keep up. And there’s only one service provider that has the competence and equipment to bring you the support and the results your facility deserves:

Unitex Has the Best Healthcare Linen Service in Newark

Unitex offers a complete selection of textiles and garments, suitable for use in many different areas of your operations. We have everything that your patients and employees need, maintained using the most powerful laundry technologies and powered by highly-competent professionals. Your products will be clean, high-quality, and always on par with medical safety standards. We’ve even earned the TRSA’s Hygienically Clean certification for our efforts!

Patient Linen and Apparel

Don’t let mediocre linens and apparel negatively impact your patients’ overall experience and tarnish your reputation. Give them the superb selection and superior linen service that Unitex offers! We have a complete selection of products from basic bed and bath linens, to the widest range of patient gowns, accommodating patient needs of all ages and care requirements.

Medical Apparel

Your team of professionals deserves just as much care, comfort, and protection to perform their duties best. Give them the full benefit of high-quality, state-of-the-art medical apparel care from Unitex! Our specialized selection of professional medical apparel includes lab coats, scrubs, and warm-up jackets.

Resident Clothing/Specialty Services

Upgrade the quality of your residential facility’s garments and textiles with specialized resident clothing service from Unitex! We process each item with meticulous hygiene standards and a superior level of efficiency to ensure safety, protection, and your residents’ peace of mind.

Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

There’s no room for mediocrity and overconfidence when it comes to surgical linens and protective apparel. For your most critical areas, you need the expert care of Unitex! Our surgical linen and protective apparel selections are processed, packed, and handled to ensure maximum protection against cross-contamination.

Uniform Rental Services

Unitex offers complete uniform solutions for everyone in your team. Our service includes dependable supply delivery and care, as well as state-of-the-art customization technology. With Unitex, you can satisfy your needs for quality, quantity, form, and functionality.

Environmental Service Products

Empower your facility’s maintenance efforts and get cleaner, more hygienic results with environmental service tools from Unitex! Our environmental products rental services come equipped with professional maintenance to ensure that you have access to clean, safe, and ready-to-use mats and mops for your day-to-day operations.

Management Services

Upgrade the efficiency of your in-house linen and garment care operations with Unitex’s laundry management services! We’ll bring our expertise and experience in linen management to help you get more out of your operations. Our service will help you get better results, lower your expenses, and increase user satisfaction.

Prestige Linen

Add a touch of luxury to your brand of patient care with Unitex’s special Prestige Linen collection! This exclusive line offers patient-use linens that come with higher thread counts and more comfort to accommodate the VIPs among your patients.

Culinary Linen and Apparel

Unitex does more than provide medical linens and apparel. We also have a branch that specializes in the supply and care of culinary linens and apparel. We give your food service products meticulous, up-to-standard treatment to ensure hygiene and safety in your kitchens and dining rooms.

Cardiology Capes

Unitex offers a selection of treatment-specific patient apparel, including cardiology capes. We give our cardiology cape selections the highest level of care and most meticulous handling to ensure patient comfort and safety throughout their treatment.

Patient Gowns

Our patient gown selections are wide-ranging, accommodating the needs of patients across all demographics. Everything you need is here – from basic patient gowns to special size selections, all processed to meet your needs for infection control, cost control, and full delivery reliability.  

Pillowcase Services

Clean, comfortable pillowcases are a crucial part of the patient care experience. And we have a complete selection of pillowcases for different areas of your operations, including the more specialized ones like hyperbaric and sleep lab linens and pillowcases, as well as cubical curtains.

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