Upgrade your medical linen services and get better, cleaner, and safer results with Unitex!

Unitex is a locally-owned and -operated healthcare linen specialist trusted by Providence, RI medical facilities of all types and sizes.

Patient Linen and Apparel

Upgrade the way you do patient linens and gowns with Unitex! Our top-notch laundry and garment care facilities ensure that every item your patient receives is comfortable, clean, and ready to use.

Medical Apparel

Unitex is the Providence, RI medical linen specialist that carries a complete line of professional medical apparel. You can expect high-quality services with a combination of excellent quality garments and state-of-the-art linen and garment care technology.

Resident Clothing/Specialty Services

Give your residents the best with Unitex’s residential clothing and specialty services. You can expect the same level of specialized and precise care with our residential clothing services as with our other healthcare services.

Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

Unitex is your number one source for surgical linen and protective apparel services in Providence, RI. We have a diverse line of surgical linens that promote optimum safety and protection.

Uniform Rental Services

Get better uniforms for you hospital or healthcare facility in Providence, RI from Unitex! We offer the best combination of quality uniforms, healthcare garment care expertise, and uniform customization services that are unmatched elsewhere.

Environmental Service Products

Unitex will keep your healthcare facility sanitary and safe with our high-quality selection of environmental products. We have everything from floor mats to cleaning products, and other sanitation solutions. Call us today to learn more about the products we carry.

Management Services

Don’t let the burdens of running an onsite laundry take away from bigger and more important tasks. Unitex is the only facility management service provider in Providence, RI that specializes in aiding healthcare facilities in managing their onsite laundry. 

Using our expertise and industry experience, we’ll help you get the best and most efficient results from your laundry.   

Prestige Linen

From higher thread-count linens to customized items and garments, Unitex provides a more elevated standard in medical linens for your facility. Call Unitex today for a full list of Prestige Linen items!

Culinary Linen and Apparel

Unitex is also your most dependable source for complete culinary linen and apparel in Providence, RI. Choose from our high-quality selection of professional kitchen apparel, table linens, aprons, kitchen towels, and chefwear to suit your kitchen’s needs.

The Most Dependable Medical Linen Services in Providence RI

With 90 years of industry experience, a valuable team of experts, and a strong family foundation, Unitex remains the leading and most dependable medical linen service specialist in Providence, RI. 

Our advantage is evident in our state-of-the-art equipment, multiple high-tech facilities, team of friendly attendants ready to take care of your concerns, and the accreditations we carry in our values as a company that puts you, the client, above everything else. 

Unitex puts you ahead of your competition with efficient systems, precise delivery, top-notch technology, and excellent results.

Contact Unitex Today to Get Started!

Unitex is the Providence, RI medical linen service that redefines quality and hygiene. Enroll your facility in our rental program today, or learn more about our products and services by calling 914-840-3200!  

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