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At Unitex, we’re dedicated to protecting the earth. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to make our operations more eco-friendly, from installing energy-efficient light bulbs to recycling the plastics that arrive along with our textiles.

We’re committed to the wellbeing of our communities and our planet, because if they don’t thrive, neither will our company.

In honor of Earth Day, here are just a few of our green initiatives and the impact they’re having on the environment:

At Unitex, we’re constantly reinvesting in our facilities, working to refine and modernize our process to serve our clients and our earth to the best of our ability. Our facilities are so advanced and environmentally-friendly that over 1,400 industry professionals from around the globe have visited us just to see how we do things. Our family-run business has been leading the way in the uniform and textile industry for over 90 years, and we don’t plan to step down anytime soon, especially when it comes to our efforts at sustainability. Going green isn’t a day-long project for Unitex. It’s our way of life and work.

If you’re looking for an eco-conscious medical laundry facility, we’re here for you. We’ve found the best ways to cut back on our global footprint while still providing excellent, efficient services for our customers. We’re all about going green, but we never compromise on quality. We provide a wide range of medical linens and uniforms, from patient gowns and sheets to scrubs and surgical apparel. We inspect everything and deliver your products to you on time.

Are you interested in learning more about our green initiatives? You can schedule a plant tour today! We’ll walk you through our facilities, showing you all of the changes we’ve made to conserve energy and recycle plastics.

Happy Earth Day from Unitex!