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Having sterile, organized, and ready-to-use surgical linens for your hospital or clinic is vital for its smooth functioning. Keeping that supply of surgical and patient gowns, towels, sheets, and equipment wrappers available is a task of great importance.

Above all, you need a supplier who appreciates this fact and has the supply and experience to keep you stocked and stress free. 

Here is a guide to the items you should have in your surgical facility:

Surgical Linen Essentials

Surgical Gowns

Successful surgery is only possible with sterility. Surgical gowns act as a barrier for the surgeon and patient, allowing the surgeon to focus on the task at hand without worry of hair, skin, or sweat compromising the operation. They also protect the surgeon from the biological hazards of surgery.

A proper surgical gown is useful for any risk level (Levels 1-4), and should cover all critical zones. The chest should be completely covered and end near the knees. A full gown will also include sleeves that cover the cuff to elbow. 

Surgical Towels

Surgical towels wipe down sterilized instruments and, during surgery, act as a sterile method of clearing blood and other fluids when necessary.

They provide a hygienic surface with which to wrap sterilized surgical tools and materials, but can also be used directly during surgery to hold organs or tissue away from the surgery site. 

Surgical Sheets/Drapes

These sheets cover the parts of the patient’s body not being operated on. This minimizes the chance of infection of the surgical site. 

Surgical Wraps

Surgical wraps keep the tools of surgery safe and sterilized until their use. Generally wrapped by a gloved and masked technician over a surgical towel, a surgical wrap keeps tools safe from contaminants as they are transported through the hospital or clinic. 

The Good-To-Haves

Branded Uniforms

For that extra mile of collective professionalism, try customizable, branded uniforms. Branded uniforms provide a sleek way to cultivate team spirit and inspire trust in the competence of your crew. 

Quality Linens

Overnight stays in hospitals or clinics are uncomfortable enough. Scratchy, low-thread count sheets don’t do the quality treatment you’re giving the patient any justice. For the sake of the patient’s comfort and the memory of their stay, consult a quality medical uniform and linen provider to give you the linens you need. 

Reusable Gowns

Though they don’t have the same protective abilities as their single-use plastic counterparts, they are more comfortable and are better for the environment. Besides offering more comfort than plastic gowns, cotton gowns will also help patients retain heat in what is generally a cold environment. 

Unitex Has the Surgical Linens You Need

Having the right surgical linens is necessary to run a successful medical business. From uniforms to patient gowns, linens, and more, you don’t want to trust just anyone with these essential items.

If your hospital, clinic, or medical facility is lacking supplies or is having trouble keeping them stocked, call Unitex today at (914) 840-3200. We look forward to helping you get the linens and medical apparel that you need.