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Here at Unitex, we take pride in our certifications and badges of honor. When it comes to the quality and cleanliness of our services, we don’t just ask to you trust us blindly, which is why we invest in third-party validation. In everything that we do, we strive to meet the the highest industry standards, and we have certifications from the TRSA to prove it. We are Hygienically Clean Healthcare certified.



When deciding on a new linen service, it’s important to review a company’s certifications. They give you a sense of security and guarantee quality for the price you are paying.

In addition to our Hygenically Clean Healthcare certification, we are also affiliated with the following organizations:

  • AORN Seal of Recognition – AORN recognizes quality healthcare services that meet their requirements. They make sure that the recognition confirms that the service is a premier and recognized resource for nurses.
  • OSHA – An OSHA certificate stresses the business’s ability to take care of their employees and customers’ safety and health. A business certified in OSHA takes care of these individuals and understands the importance of proper health and safety.
  • U.S. EPA Design for the Environment – The U.S. EPA certificate distinguishes companies that are environmentally-friendly. Unitex makes sure that our service is eco-friendly.
  • MEDtegrity– MEDtegrity is the largest network of accredited laundry facilities, and we are happy to be a part of it!
  • CDC – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention certifies laundries that provide quality medical service.
  • Linen Finder Screened & Approved Supplier – Linen Finder assists our sales representatives in getting in touch with local medical facilities. They certify that we are a quality company that they are proud to partner with.
  • Laundry ESP – TRSA’s Laundry ESP certification verifies laundries that strive towards environmental improvement and sustainability.