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There have been a variety of medical advances in the past couple years. Cleveland Clinic has announced the 17 top medical advances in their medical innovations summit. Below are 10 medical innovations that they have discussed:

  1. Using the microbiome to prevent, diagnose and treat disease
  2. Diabetes drugs that reduce cardiovascular disease and death
  3. Cellular immunotherapy to treat leukemia and lymphomas
  4. Liquid biopsies to find circulating tumor DNA
  5. Automated car safety features and driverless capabilities
  6. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources
  7. Ketamine for treatment-resistant depression
  8. 3-D visualization and augmented reality for surgery
  9. Self-administered HPV test
  10. Bioabsorbable stents


You can view the rest of the Cleveland Clinic top medical innovations list by clicking here.


In 2017, the medical realm has already discovered many medical advances. Medical professionals are now able to produce minimally invasive surgeries, immunotherapy, and technology including health monitoring.

Technology and medicine is on the rise now more than ever. Many say that because of this it is a good time to start a new medical business or expand an existing business.

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