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Do you have all the floor mats you need to get clean and safe floors for your patients and employees alike? Read on to find out more about which areas of your medical facility need floor mats!

Medical Facilities and Floor Mats

Different floor mats can do different things, and some are more suitable for specific locations in your building than others. Let’s break it down to help you assess whether you have the right floor mats in the right locations of your medical facility:

1. Main entrance.

Your main entrance can benefit greatly from a set of highly-abrasive scraper mats. This makes sure that any tracked-in dirt stays at your entrance and does not get dragged into patient areas and other critical care areas. Scraper mats should also be used where there is exceptionally high foot traffic.

2. Main lobby.

Floors provide prime real estate space for creating maximum impact for your brand. A customized logo mat bearing your organization’s insignia is a clever way to boost the aesthetics of your lobby while marketing your brand.

3. Restrooms.

Restrooms need specialized wet area floor mats. Spills and moisture are completely inevitable in any restroom, which is why you should invest in sets of wet area floor mat – special mats with reinforced backing to prevent slips – not just in your larger restrooms but also in the smaller ones in patient rooms.

4. Nursing stations, laboratories, treatment and exam rooms, and operating rooms.

The procedures taking place in these highly critical areas of your facility involve standing for extended periods of time. This, without a doubt, can put a strain on your employees’ lower limbs and lower back. Regular exposure to this kind of strenuous workplace can have long-term adverse effects on their health. Prevent this with the simple addition of high-quality anti-fatigue mats – these are highly-specialized mats that help ease the physical strains of having to work on one’s feet for long periods of time.

Quality Floor Mat Rental Service for the Medical Industry

Mats, like most everything else in a hospital or other healthcare setting, get exposed to all kinds of pathogens – some of which could transmit harmful infections. The handling and care of floor mats used in medical facilities should be taken with extra precaution because of this exposure and should only be carried out by experts who have the skills and know-how to handle mats for the medical industry.

A medical facility likewise needs floor mats that are durable enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic and often harsh cleaning conditions required to sanitize the mats and deem them safe enough to re-use.

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