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There are many myths surrounding medical linen and uniform rental service. However, these myths are very different from reality. Here are some of the most common myths and how Unitex busts them:

Myth: A Medical Linen and Uniform Service is Expensive

Many medical facilities think that using a medical linen and uniform service is more expensive than running an on-premise laundry. That couldn’t be further from the truth! While an on-premise laundry may sound like a cost-efficient investment upfront, added costs below the surface make it the more expensive option in the long run.

On-premise laundries are labor-intensive, and you have to pay additional employees and managers to run them. You also have to take into account the water and electric bills when operating your own laundry. Furthermore, it’s costly to maintain industrial laundry equipment. Whether your equipment needs regular maintenance, or you run into bigger issues, maintenance and repairs are expensive. Not to mention, any inventory shortages can cost your medical facility big time.

Reality: Outsourcing Your Medical Linens and Uniforms is Cost-Efficient

Because there are so many additional costs to running an on-premise laundry operation, outsourcing your medical linen and uniform needs is actually the more cost-efficient option. You pay a flat fee to receive your linens and uniforms on time, every time. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about additional energy bills or paying to maintain or replace your equipment. A medical linen and uniform service like Unitex is a great option for any medical facility, big or small. 

Myth: Commercial Laundries are Unreliable

When you’re running a fast-paced medical facility, you don’t have the time to worry about delays or shortages. In fact, these issues can be detrimental to your patients and staff. How can you trust that a laundry service will get you what you need on time, considering you have so much at stake?

Reality: Outsourcing is Extremely Reliable

The truth is, outsourcing your medical linen and uniform needs is extremely reliable. When you work with a commercial laundry service, they’ll assign you a route driver specifically dedicated to delivering your items on time. 

Additionally, most commercial laundries utilize up-to-date technology to track your items and make sure each and every garment and piece of linen is counted. Most of these laundries have been operating in your community for decades with lots of experience under their belts. For example, Unitex has been in the business for nearly a century

The Truth

If you’re worried about getting high-quality medical linens and uniforms on time and cost-efficiently, then outsourcing is the right choice for you! Outsourcing your items gives you peace of mind so you no longer have to stress about your laundry equipment. With the weight of laundry off of your shoulders, you can focus on what really matters – your patients.

Unitex is Your Dependable Outsourcing Partner

Unitex is the reliable, quality medical linen and uniform service you’ve been looking for. For more information on our top-notch products and services, contact us today for a free quote at (914) 840-3200.