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Here at Unitex, safety has always been our first priority. Our mission is to always supply your facility with the cleanest, safest linens possible. In these uncertain times, we know you need some peace of mind.

That’s why we’re dedicated to product safety above all else. Unitex exceeds standards set by the CDC and OSHA. We also have the TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification that reflects our commitment to best management practices in laundering.

We meet the high standards that we set for our customers and their patients’ safety. Discover our processes and check out our state-of-the-art processing facility video online.

Safe Practices

Dirty linens are unsafe linens in the medical industry. As a supplier of medical linens and uniforms, it is our responsibility to ensure that your staff and patients receive only top-notch linens. We don’t take this responsibility lightly.

That’s why we use the right balance of chemicals and high temperatures to kill harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses that may be in your linens. Our laundering process begins with an EPA registered non-bleach oxidizer called PAA which is an antimicrobial agent made up of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and acetic acid.

As a medical professional, you have a lot on your plate. You shouldn’t have to worry about your laundry coming back dirty. Unitex is here to help lift that burden off of your shoulders.

Hygienically Clean Healthcare

Not just any laundry service can get a Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification. They have to go above and beyond to earn it. Unitex has.

In order to be certified, a laundry facility has to be verified by third-party inspections and ongoing microbial testing. There are no shortcuts, and a facility has to maintain safe practices continuously in order to remain certified.

The Hygienically Clean Healthcare designation assures the safety and cleanliness of textiles rather than certifying only laundry processes. It’s scientifically based, and sets an established threshold that guides the reduction of pathogens on textiles to levels that pose no threat of human illness.

The microbial levels established by the Certification Association for Professional Textile Service Administration (CAPTSA) and the European Union (EU) are 20 colony forming units (CFU) per square decimeter for healthcare textiles. This serves as the basis for the Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification.

Unitex is proud to have earned this certification time and time again. It is part of our commitment to providing only the highest quality services to the medical facilities we proudly serve.

Unitex is Your Safe, Reliable Partner

In good times and in bad times, Unitex will always be here to support your medical facility with top-notch linens, uniforms, and laundry services. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish together, and we are dedicated to being a partner that you can rely on.

Don’t settle for mediocre laundry services when you can get the best with Unitex. For more information on our laundering practices, give us a call today at (914) 840-3200. You can also request a free quote here.