Fostertown Elementary School’s Garden Continues to Grow, Thanks to One Local Newburgh Business

Newburgh, NY, May 2017—Fostertown Elementary School has a great new garden thanks to the team at Unitex who helped Mr. Garzione (Fostertown ETC Science Club Teacher Advisor) bring his concept to life. Over the past four years, Unitex has made generous donations to Mr. Garzione’s science club, allowing them to improve upon their existing garden…

operating with medical advances

Medical Advances in 2017

There have been a variety of medical advances in the past couple years. Cleveland Clinic has announced the 17 top medical advances in their medical innovations summit. Below are 10 medical innovations that they have discussed: Using the microbiome to prevent, diagnose and treat disease Diabetes drugs that reduce cardiovascular disease and death Cellular immunotherapy…

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Radiology | What’s Covered and How We Can Help Radiology Clinics

How We Can Help Radiology Clinics with Medical Linen, Lab Coats, Patient Gowns, and Scrubs Radiologists are medical specialists with skills in medical technology. With this specialized medical field, radiologists require high-quality linen and uniform service for their medical facilities. Radiologists monitor certain diseases and are able to diagnose and predict outcomes for the diseases.…