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There are few things more important than hygiene in a medical setting, especially when it comes to linens and garments. Wide-spread contamination is a very reasonable fear when thinking of all that can go wrong with medical linens.

Additionally, any mistake could mean contamination that endangers entire hospitals and surrounding communities. 

How to Prevent Medical Linen Contamination

Every stage of the textile handling process needs to be designed to eliminate risk factors. Doing so takes a considerable financial and energy toll on any healthcare facility. For this reason, managing linen inventory is in itself a heavy burden to carry on both the administrative and financial fronts.  

If you’re considering moving your linen and laundry care to a third-party service provider, the lowest bidder is tempting. However, they’re also dangerous. Signing with a linen service provider purely on inexpensiveness exposes your facility to significant risks. 

Advantages of Professional Medical Linen Services

When looking for a linen service provider, there are many things to consider. It is important to look into how experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled they are. Can they provide critical laundry services in the medical context? Inexperience and lack of suitable facilities are two major disadvantages regular linen service providers have against medical linen specialists.

Here are some other reasons why other laundry service providers just won’t make the cut for your facility:

Standards on Cleanliness 

Different needs have different standards. In the medical setting, cleanliness and safety standards for healthcare linens are raised with everything else. You have ill, vulnerable people, and a barrage of infectious pathogens roaming about. The right response can only be delivered by one who understands and complies with the industry’s standards. While CDC and OSHA compliance is important, a third-party evaluation of the hygienic integrity of their linens, facility, and handling processes is just as important. As a result, you’ll need independent proof that your linen service provider of choice meets the highest standards on cleanliness.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Facility’s Needs

Professional medical linen service providers know and understand the deepest needs of  healthcare facilities. As a result, they generally offer a complete selection of linen products, services, and other solutions. Having the same provider for all your needs ensures consistency and seamlessness in both results and procedures. It also protects the safeguards you’ve set for your facility against every kind of risk. 

Preserving the Quality of Your Textiles

Linens designed for healthcare facilities go through some of the most rigorous cleaning procedures amongst commercial textiles. Combined with the frequency of use, this leaves healthcare linens and garments prone to premature wear – and that’s costly. 

To get the most out of every invested dollar, maintenance is key. With your inventory costs hanging in the balance, keeping your linens clean is never good enough. That’s where the right medical linen care specialist comes into the picture. Their professional expertise on healthcare textiles allows them to create solutions that fit the need.

Protecting Against Costly Losses

Linen losses cost the healthcare industry nearly $1 billion annually. And a professional, experienced medical linen service provider is key to preventing that from happening in your facility. They’ll provide better and more suitable processes, stronger safeguards against losses, and a more professional linen management system. 

Through experience and in-depth industry knowledge, the right linen service partner can help you avoid costly pitfalls. Additionally, proper service will allow your business to focus on the bigger, more important ways to improve patient care.

Unitex: Your Most Reliable Medical Linen Service Specialist

If you’re looking to make the switch to outsourcing the linen services of your facility, look no further than Unitex! Our industry experience goes as far back as 1915, and every one of those years marks gained knowledge and experience. 

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