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How We Can Help Radiology Clinics with Medical Linen, Lab Coats, Patient Gowns, and Scrubs

Radiologists are medical specialists with skills in medical technology. With this specialized medical field, radiologists require high-quality linen and uniform service for their medical facilities. Radiologists monitor certain diseases and are able to diagnose and predict outcomes for the diseases. This practice is vital to medical diagnostics. Therefore, providing radiologists with high-quality medical linen services is essential.


To keep radiologists safe while still maintaining high professional appearance, high-quality companies like Unitex Textile Rental Services provide them with excellent quality medical apparel. We offer high-grade scrubs, warm up jackets, and lab coats for all medical professionals. We value quality in our products and maintain a sophisticated and respectful environment with our customers. You can trust us in receiving reliable, clean, and high-quality medical apparel for your radiology department.

In addition, we make sure to provide clean and comfortable patient linen and apparel, including patient gowns, mammography/cardiology capes, pillowcases, blankets, and towels.


We value our customers so we make sure to always provide high-quality services. Our employees are readily available to assist you with your medical linen and uniform needs. We strive to work alongside our customers, catering to their needs and making sure that their medical facilities receive the highest quality service from us. Give us a call today at 866-864-8399 and we will put you in touch with one of our qualified sales experts. We will build out a package and provide you with a free quote on the products and type of service that you need.