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There are many changes happening during the summer months. The heat and humidity during the summer may, unfortunately, encourage an increase in bacteria growth. To prepare for the summer heat, there are many cleaning and disinfecting procedures to take part in. Many hospitals notice an influx of patients arriving in the summer due to athlete’s foot, food poisoning, and other types of illnesses.


In addition, activities performed during the summer season may cause many more trips to the hospital. For instance, there is a growth of individuals visiting the hospital due to sunburns, heat exhaustion, heat rash, and heat stroke from being out in the sun too long. Adventurous types who venture to the great outdoors may suffer from poison ivy, open cuts, developing an infection, or getting bit by mosquitos and other bugs carrying viruses. In addition, anyone visiting the beach or pools during the summer season may become infected with swimmer’s ear.


With this influx of patients visiting your medical facility, your business will find it necessary to invest in a quality medical linen service, and even request a larger supply of linens. As bacteria is flourishing during the summer months, it is prudent to invest in high-quality service and it is vital in the prevention of spreading the bacteria in the medical facility.

Unitex’s Medical Linen Service

Unitex has over 90 years of experience with handling medical facilities, that’s over 90 summers of quality linens and illness prevention! Unitex is the largest family-owned service provider in the country, and we strive to provide the highest quality at the best price for your business. Schedule your visit to our plant, or give us a call for a simple price estimate at 866-864-8399 today. We are here to assist you during these summer months and beyond.