Unitex Textile Rental Services is proud to announce that we are accredited with a TRSA certification as hygienically clean in the healthcare and hospitality sectors. The TRSA is a company which supports textile service companies and protects the market through facilitation information shared and conducting research in customer service and case studies. Nearly 90% of the textile service market comprises of proud TRSA members. Companies which are TRSA certified are proved to be of high quality and safety for all individuals who use the service, based on cleanliness, high-grade products, and upright service. Therefore, your business can be safe in knowing that we will take care of you, your employees, and your customers with the highest quality medical linens, uniforms, and other products keeping safety and high quality in mind.

TRSA Hygienically Clean and Unitex

According to the TRSA, in order for us to receive our hygienically clean certificate, we confidently have turned to a third party (TRSA) to attest to their laundry processes being designed to produce laundry that meets the AAMI definition of “hygienically clean.” The requirements that we have met in order to achieve the hygienically clean certificate ensure that our service is of the highest quality and cleanliness for your business.

Unitex Textile Rental Services provides many excellent products including patient apparel, linen, medical apparel, surgical linen, surgical apparel, environmental services products, management services, and culinary linen and apparel. Contact Unitex Textile Rental Services today for a free price estimate on one or more of these exceptional products and the services we provide along with these. You are sure to have on-time delivery and high-grade customer service through our company. Just give us a ring at 866-864-8399 and schedule a quote with our textile professionals today.