Elmsford, NY, January 2018— Unitex, a regional business with locations throughout the Northeast and a leader in the healthcare laundry industry, is always at the forefront of innovation and technology.  To that end, the company recently acquired a groundbreaking folding machine that can help increase production by 300% while improving folding quality and consistency.  Foltex EasyFold, designed for folding bathrobes, regardless of dimensions, thickness and weight, will be incorporated into Unitex’s uniform processing plant in Mt Vernon, NY.  This machine is currently being operated at only one other location in the United States.

Before the use of the EasyFold machine, Unitex workers would have to hand fold every piece, and while the quality was typically great, it was a slow and tedious process and often difficult to replicate the same folds on every garment.

“Due to the economy of design, the EasyFold machine has fewer complex parts to break, and it cannot jam easily like other folding machines,” said Ray Neal, Unitex Operations Manager.  “This new machine has many benefits, but it’s important to mention that it is easier on the operator than any other machine I’ve seen before since workers no longer have to be hunched over the machine like in the past.”

“We are confident that when other operators with a large number of robes to process see the operation of the EasyFold in our facility they will become believers in the machine and will incorporate it into their production strategy.” said Chief Engineer Jim Curiale. “It is a very unique machine design and the Foltex designers really thought outside the box when developing this solution.”