Industry Leader Opens its Plant Doors and Shares Tips for Running a Successful Business


Mt. Vernon, NY, January 15, 2016– Industry experts agreed that The Healthcare Conference & Plant Tour event, organized by The Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA) in late 2015, was a huge success.  In fact, the plant tour at Unitex’s facility in New Brunswick, N.J. was deemed the highest rated plant tour ever offered at a TRSA event.  The team at Unitex, (a regional business with locations throughout the Northeast and a leader in the healthcare laundry industry), generously opened their company doors to industry players and healthcare committee leaders to show them how they successfully run their plant in New Jersey, as well as how they effectively run their overall company plants and offices across the Northeast.


Since the event ended last month, the team at Unitex has received letters and follow up calls from event participants expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the knowledge they acquired while visiting the plant in New Jersey.  The general post-event consensus showed that Unitex has set the bar extremely high in the healthcare laundering industry and that the company’s organized and hard-working staff is a tremendous example for others to learn from.


As part of the plant tour, visitors received a first-hand look at Unitex’s philosophy of successful plant design and layout. Visitors were able to learn all about the company’s separate bulk and garment operations (all housed under a single roof) and were given the opportunity to learn the management practices that enable Unitex to maximize productivity and maintain effective workflow. Unitex attributes its growth primarily to these important practices as well as its organization-wide dedication to measurement and consistency.


“We were excited to be a huge part of this event and honored to have been asked to show our facility to other industry players,” said David Potack, Vice President of Unitex.  “It means a lot to our team that everyone shared in this great experience and we hope that we have inspired others to embrace the high standards that our company believes in.”


TRSA’s Healthcare Conference, the premier laundry industry event focused on every aspect of healthcare laundering, was held in late 2015. The goal is to help companies in the industry improve business practices that translate into healthcare industry growth. As one of the key leaders in the textile services industry, Unitex was asked to be a major part of this event.


About Unitex Textile Rental Services

Headquartered in Mount Vernon, NY, Unitex Textile Rental Services currently operates eleven laundry processing facilities and one garment warehouse throughout the Northeast. With locations in Newburgh, Mount Vernon and Middletown, NY, Hartford, South Windsor and Middlebury, CT, and Perth Amboy and New Brunswick, NJ Unitex is able to efficiently service all of the hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, imaging centers, professional offices as well as specialized operating needs of their acute care facilities.  For more than 90 years, Unitex has focused solely on their core business – providing and laundering comfortable, high-quality medical/patient care apparel and linen.  Visit:


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