Don’t let your medical linen struggles derail your goals of giving optimum care and the best patient experience. Set your sights on your priorities and let Unitex provide you with high-quality medical linen and uniform services in Cambridge! With over 100 years of industry history and an unmatched drive to bringing the best service experience to all our customers, we’re the premier option for Cambridge medical linen services. 

Patient Linen and Apparel

Large medical facilities, residential facilities, and private practices alike can enjoy the unmatched benefits of Unitex patient linen and apparel services. We champion results, convenience, and efficiency so you can expect clean, safe textiles and garments on time, every single time.

Medical Apparel

Increase efficiency and protection for your medical personnel with better, cleaner medical apparel from Unitex! We have everything from scrubs to lab coats and more! 

Resident Clothing/Specialty Services

Residential facilities can also benefit from the same protective, effective laundry care and management that only a professional medical linen service expert like Unitex can provide. We’ll save you time, money, and the headaches and hassles that come with linen care and management. That way, you can focus all of your energy on what matters most – your residents.

Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

Get the best in protection, hygiene, and convenience with Hygienically Clean healthcare laundry services for your surgical linen and protective apparel only from Unitex! We have a range of apparel to choose from, all in the same high quality you can always expect from us.

Uniform Rental Services

Additionally, look no further for all the other uniforms in your medical facility – yes, even your non-medical staff! Our uniforms come in the same reliable quality and cleanliness you’ve come to expect from Unitex. 

Environmental Service Products

Keep up with your facility’s upkeep and do it with absolute ease with the right cleaning products from Unitex! We have floor mats, floor mops, and microfiber product selections – everything that you need to keep a clean, impressive, and safe facility.

Management Services

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge in the right direction and the helping hand of an expert. Improve your in-house laundry facility today with help from Unitex’s Laundry Management Services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Prestige Linen

When you have more luxurious tastes, you need more luxurious linen selections – and we have just the right products for you. Explore better, higher-thread count linens by requesting a Unitex catalog today.

Culinary Linen and Apparel

Running a restaurant is no easy task but it could be far more manageable with help from Unitex’s culinary linen and apparel:

  • Chefwear
  • Table Linen
  • Kitchen Apparel
  • Aprons
  • Kitchen Towels

Cardiology Capes

We provide medical centers with the Hygienically Clean mammography and cardiology capes they need, ensuring they’re always in stock and ready to go.

Pillowcase Services

One of the biggest struggles for any hospital is maintaining a steady supply of usable pillowcases. Not only does Unitex keep everything fully stocked, we also provide the most comfortable bed linens in the entire state!

Top-Notch Medical Linen and Uniform Services in Cambridge, MA

Unitex never stops at good or just okay. Therefore, Unitex will bring you excellence at every stage of the program, no matter how big, small, simple, or complex your facility may be. If you need the assurance of safety, cleanliness, and overall efficiency, trust only Unitex!

Experience the Unitex Brand of Excellence Today

Above all else, we’re here to make your job easier. Unitex is your best choice for excellent, high-quality medical linen services. Call Unitex at (914) 840-3200 to get started. You can also send us your price quote requests here

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