Massachusetts medical linen

There are no shortcuts to excellence! For topnotch results and unmatched efficiency, there’s only one name to trust for the best in Massachusetts medical linen and uniform services: Unitex.

Unitex has been serving Massachusetts healthcare facilities with expert linen and uniform services for over 90 years. Combining unbeatable experience, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched dedication, Unitex remains at the pinnacle of medical linen and uniform services.

Our entire operations have been designed to assist medical facilities of all sizes with their every linen and uniform need.

We pride ourselves on:

  • The best and most innovative facilities designed especially for the critical care and maintenance of healthcare-use linens and uniforms
  • The widest and most technologically-advanced product selection
  • Compliance with the highest industry standards on infection control
  • Multiple facilities in different locations to accommodate medical facilities of every size – from the largest acute care medical center to the newest ambulatory care center
  • Topnotch quality control and cleanliness standards
  • Transparency and accuracy in billing
  • Free sampling programs
  • More than 90 years in the medical linen and uniform industry
  • 365-day operations – no days off!
  • Environmentally-friendly operations
  • Free sampling programs
  • Accreditations from TRSA Hygienically Clean

Unitex maintains the topnotch standards in quality, infection control, and hygiene specifically required for Massachusetts medical linen and uniform services. No matter how large or small your facilities are, we can assure you of the highest standards in healthcare linen and uniform cleanliness in every item, in every delivery.

We have created multiple facilities in various locations to specifically cater to and deliver the particular care needed by your facility, whether it’s institutional or ambulatory. Whatever you need, Unitex delivers.

We offer:

The best results in medical linen and uniform services aren’t achieved by cutting corners. At Unitex, every delivery is the result of our tried-and-tested methods and our dedication to quality and excellence. And that is why we remain the undisputed and most reliable name in Massachusetts healthcare linen and uniform services.

What are you waiting for? Experience the difference that only Unitex can deliver! Get started on your program today! Call us at 866.864.8399 or get in touch with us here.