Hospital Pillow Cases

Patient Pillowcase Services

If you’re running a hospital, personal care facility or other enterprise that involves patient care, you’re probably far too busy to worry about whether or not all of your patients have clean pillowcases. At Unitex, however, we make it our job to worry about it for you. We provide clean linens and uniforms to various care facilities so that they can focus on providing excellent care instead of worrying about laundry.

Our family-owned and -operated business has been around for more than 90 years and is currently under the supervision of the family’s fourth generation. We are as focused on pleasing our customers today as we were when the business first began and we staff our laundry facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure we don’t fall behind or fail to deliver.

We travel throughout Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, picking up soiled laundry and uniforms. We then give them a thorough cleaning at one of our facilities before promptly bringing them back to you, neatly folded and labeled so you know whose laundry is whose. No matter how often you need us, we have a plan that will help you keep your staff in clean uniforms and your patients in clean pillowcases. We even offer laundry services that allow nursing homes and other assisted living facilities to outsource the washing of resident clothing.

As specialists in medical laundry services, we understand the need for and are careful to follow infection control procedures so you know your laundry truly is clean. If it’s made of fabric and found in a clinical setting we can handle it, and we routinely clean items such as:

Specialized Pillowcases

• Hyperbaric and sleep lab linens and pillowcases
• Cubical curtains
• OR linens
• Dry dust mops

For a luxurious feel, treat your charges to soft pillowcases with a high thread count from Unitex. This option makes bedding especially soft and is one more way you can make those you care for as comfortable as possible. Call us today at 866-864-8399 for a free estimate.

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