Why Unitex Textile Services stands alone.

Unitex works for the widest range of clients in the healthcare and medical industry. While the programs we tailor for each are customized to best meet their needs, the results are strikingly similar. The finest (and most technologically advanced) high-quality linen and uniforms available in the market are delivered seamlessly and consistently on time.

Our Clients Include:
  • Acute Care Facilities
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Diagnostic Clinics
  • Physician and Dental Practices
  • Imaging Centers
  • Multi-Specialty Practices
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Walk-In Medical Clinics
  • Dialysis Centers
Different plants for different clients

Because clients are so versatile and have such different needs, we have unique plants just for them. Our unique assortment of state-of-the-art facilities helps Unitex Textile Services deliver exceptional quality, dependability, and value. For institutional clients, we offer around-the-clock facilities that run year-round, 24/7, 365 days a year. We run single shifts that can be increased if you need it, and we always have contingency plans set in place. Our excellent reliability is always the driving force of our customer satisfaction.

Today, we also have dedicated facilities for the growing ambulatory linen market. So no matter the delivery frequency you need or product selection, Unitex Textile Services is ready to help you. Nobody else in the industry has the wide-ranging mix of facilities like we have at Unitex. All of which are designed and developed to help make sure your business runs as efficiently and effectively as possible. At Unitex Textile Services, we provide many different types of linen services to our customers. We specialize in all types of medical linen, but also have restaurant linen, apparel, and uniforms for different industries. Contact Unitex Textile Services at 866-864- 8399 to speak with one of our representatives and get started today!

Healthcare Bulk Processing

New Brunswick, NJ
Linden, NJ
Mount Vernon, NY
Newburgh, NY
Middletown, NY
Hartford, CT
South Windsor, CT

Healthcare Uniform Processing

Mount Vernon, NY
Hartford, CT
New Brunswick, NJ

Specialty Services Processing

Perth Amboy, NJ
Middlebury, CT

Medical Uniform and Linen Facility