Unitex is the medical linen service in Bergen County, NJ that has it all! We have nearly 100 years of industry experience, trusted methods, and some of the highest standards on linen hygiene. With Unitex, you get the results that serve your needs and exceed your expectations.  

Patient Linen and Apparel

Staying on top of your reusable medical gowns supply has never been easier! Unitex offers a wide selection of cloth medical gowns for different areas of your treatment facility and to accommodate different patients. We ensure wearer comfort and the proven quality of Unitex’s medical laundry services.

Medical Apparel

From standard hospital apparel to linen and laundry service for dental offices, Unitex has it all! We have a wide selection of professional medical apparel for different types of healthcare facilities.

Resident Clothing/Specialty Services

Looking for solutions to your residential facility’s laundry service needs? Unitex has you covered! Our resident clothing/specialty services offer high-quality, hygienically clean laundry services for your residents’ personal belongings.

Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

Looking for your best reusable surgical linen options in Bergen County, NJ? Look no further than Unitex! We have a complete selection of different surgical linens as well as reusable surgical gowns for your medical teams.

Uniform Rental Services

When it comes to your business’s professional wear, trust only the one that can give you great products and even better uniform rental and laundry service! Trust only Unitex! Unitex specializes not only in medical apparel but also in a range of commercial uniform rentals for your non-medical team.    

Environmental Service Products

Keep your facilities clean and safe with help from Unitex’s commercial floor mat rental service and floor mop rental service. We use a cautious, thorough approach to cleaning these items to keep you safe and secure in your surroundings.

Management Services

Unitex brings you the technical expertise from our facility to yours with our laundry management services. We will help your in-house laundry operations with tailor-made solutions and proven methods.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Prestige Linen

Unitex Prestige Linen gives your facility an easy deluxe upgrade! With higher thread-count linens and finer details, your patients will feel extra care and extra satisfaction.

Culinary Linen and Apparel

No matter what your restaurant staff needs to excel at their jobs, we have it:

  • Chefwear
  • Table Linen
  • Kitchen Apparel
  • Aprons
  • Kitchen Towels

Cardiology Capes

We provide mammography and cardiology capes that get the job done and maintain them in our commercial laundry service, ensuring their continued long lifespans.

Pillowcase Services

No more complaints about restless nights from patients, no more risk of cross-contamination, and no more replacement costs! Unitex has pillowcase services that will save you from these issues and more!

The Only Bergen County Medical Linen Specialist You Can Trust

Unitex helps you break through the barriers that medical linen care needs put around you. With our state-of-the-art facility, Hygienically Clean Healthcare Accreditation, and industry experience that spans multiple decades, Unitex proves to be the one name you can trust in Bergen County, NJ medical linen service.

Experience the Unitex Brand of Excellence Today!

Unitex has everything you need for your medical linen service needs. Call Unitex at (914) 840-3200 to get started or send us your price quote requests here.

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