Second-best is never good enough for healthcare linens. For Linden medical linen and apparel needs, trust only the best: Unitex!

What Unitex Offers Healthcare Facilities in Linden

Unitex is the healthcare linen specialist that has all the solutions your facility needs. Our certified Hygienically Clean healthcare laundry facility meets high standards to ensure the safety, quality, and reliability of your linens and apparel.

Patient Linen and Apparel

Ensure quality patient experience with our complete selection of patient linens and apparel. We have everything from basic bed and bath linens to gowns for different treatments.

Medical Apparel

Give your employees the gift of protection and peace of mind with top-notch quality medical apparel from Unitex. We have a wide selection of gowns, scrubs, lab coats, and other personnel apparel essentials.

Resident Clothing/Specialty Service

Your residents’ personal garments and other needs deserve the same kind of secure cleanliness of medical linens. Unitex can help you with that! With our tested, proven, and certified laundry protocols, your residents and their loved ones can rest easy with the assurance of complete and uncompromised cleanliness.  

Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

Unitex has the experience and technology to give your most critical linens and apparel the quality care they deserve.

Uniform Rental Service

Unitex goes beyond standard scrubs and lab coats. We are also your best choice for a wide selection of corporate, casual, and other professional garments.

Environmental Service Products

Floor care is essential to the overall cleanliness of your facility. Our environmental service addresses the hygiene care requirements of your healthcare floor mats and mops. It further reinforces your infection control protocols.

Management Service

Unitex can help your on-premise laundry facility too! Our linen management service brings the competence and expertise of our healthcare linen service right to your own facility.  

Prestige Linen

Unitex has a select line of linens designed for ultimate luxury. Our Prestige Linen selection features higher thread count linens and better designs to help you bring hotel quality to your hospital beds. 

Unitex Has Your Linden, NJ Facility Covered

Unitex is your partner in delivering the best and most reliable quality healthcare linen service for your facility. Our reputation for excellence is rooted in years of experience and a client-centered approach to service. We are proudly Hygienically Clean Accredited, we deliver on time, our transactions are straightforward, and we give you the confidence of knowing that your needs are cared for excellently.

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Call Unitex today at (914) 840-3200 or get in touch with us here for price quote requests, consultations, and other inquiries on our services and products in Linden, NJ. 

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