If you’re in Allentown, PA and need a quality provider of medical uniforms and linens, Unitex is here! Don’t settle for just any provider of linens for your Allentown hospital, clinic, or medical facility. Unitex has the professionalism, industry expertise, and experience to get your facility the materials it needs. 

All Your Medical Linen, Uniform, and Environmental Needs Met

You shouldn’t have to scramble between two or three providers of medical linen, uniforms, or environmental products. When Unitex is in Allentown’s backyard, there’s no reason to. If quality materials, professional experience, and caring customer service are on your checklist, contact Unitex today.

We offer:

Medical Uniforms

Quality uniforms for your medical staff and patients are necessary for them to be comfortable and successful. With Unitex, your uniforms will not only be comfortable but also safe. We take every step necessary during our cleaning processes to ensure the highest degree of cleanliness. 

Medical Linens

There’s no substitute for high-quality and expertly-cleaned linens for your medical facility. There’s no better way to comfort your patients while ensuring their safety than with certified cleanliness.

Unitex is TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certified

If your current provider isn’t TRSA Hygienically Clean Certified, then you should find one that is. This certification indicates consistent adherence to strict policies and procedures required for medical linens and uniforms. Facilities without this accreditation have few, if any, third-party inspections. As a result, you’re taking a chance every time you use their materials. 

Premier Medical Linen and Uniform Services in Allentown, PA 

If your Allentown medical business needs a linen and uniform provider who will do you right, Unitex is it. Few providers have the time-tested quality service record, the industry knowledge and experience, or the current technology to meet your needs. Unitex has it all. Give us a call at (914) 840-3200, visit our website, or ask about a free quote.

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