Pennsylvania medical linen and uniform services

Never compromise quality for efficiency! When your brand and your patients’ wellbeing are at stake, never settle for anything less than the best in Eastern Pennsylvania medical linen and uniform services. Trust Unitex!

Unitex is the undisputed leader in Eastern Pennsylvania medical linen and uniform services thanks to our over 90 years of expert experience and dedication to quality and complete customer satisfaction. What you’ll find with us is unheard of anywhere among our competitors.

From our personnel to our technology to the personalized way we have been doing business over the last nine decades, we give you every reason in the world to trust us with your brand and your patients’ wellbeing.

We have:

  • More than 90 years in the medical linen and uniform industry
  • Technologically-advanced product selection
  • The most modern facilities
  • Industry standard in quality control and cleanliness
  • 365-day operations – no days off!
  • Multiple large-scale facilities in different locations
  • Environmentally-friendly operations
  • Transparency and accuracy in billing – absolutely no hidden charges!
  • Free sampling programs
  • Topnotch infection control standards
  • Accreditations from TRSA Hygienically Clean


Unitex has the widest range of services and the most technologically-advanced product selection designed to suit your facility’s needs – no matter how big or small they are.

Unitex also runs multiple facilities that can accommodate both institutional and ambulatory facilities.

And because Unitex knows that every facility has unique needs, we also make sure our services can be tailored to your specific requirements, and we can even procure items not currently in our product line by request.

We offer:

Locations in Pennsylvania We Service

Here’s a developing list of areas we service in the state of Pennsylvania:

Unitex is the Eastern Pennsylvania medical linen and uniform services company that delivers only your best interests.

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