When it comes to the safety of your patients, only the safest, most excellent, and most dependable will do. For the best healthcare linen service in Harrisburg, trust the only one that can give you that and more!

Trust Only Unitex!

Unitex offers:

Patient Linen and Apparel

Don’t let mediocre patient linens and apparel tarnish the quality of patient care and experience that you offer. Get higher-quality, cleaner patient linens and garments for your facility only from Unitex! We have the widest selection of bed and bath linens, patient gowns, and specialized apartments for treatments.

Medical Apparel

Quality meets convenience in our complete selection of high-quality medical apparel. Our selections include everything from your team’s daily essentials like scrubs, lab coats, and warm-up jackets.

Resident Clothing/Specialty Services

Give your residents unparalleled peace and confidence with our specialized service for residential facilities and assisted care homes. We have a separate facility dedicated especially to the care and maintenance of your crucial linens as well as your residents’ personal items.

Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

Unitex is the most qualified expert in the supply and maintenance of your surgical linen and protective apparel. We ensure the safest and most secure handling of your most crucial linens for the safety and protection of your facility. We offer a complete selection of products including reusable surgical textiles, non-sterile surgical packs, as well as reusable PPEs.    

Uniform Rental Services

Unitex is also your Harrisburg expert for non-medical apparel. Our range of commercial uniforms includes selections for different functions and are suitable for an array of industries.

Environmental Service Products

Keeping your facility clean and safe is no small task – and our environmental service is here to help. We offer a selection of floor mops and mats, guaranteed to meet your highest expectations on quality, and maintained to suit the hygiene requirements of medical facilities.   

Management Services

Upgrade the efficiency and effectiveness of your facility’s On-Premise Laundry operations with a little boost from our laundry management service! We’ll take our own expertise and experience to help you get better, bigger, more profitable results with your linen care and management operations.

Culinary Linen and Apparel

The Unitex brand of expertise and excellence is not only confined to the needs of the medical industry. We also specialize in the supply and care of linens for the food service industry. We offer a wide selection of linens and apparel for every area of your food business.

Unitex: Your Safety is Our Main Priority

The Unitex brand of excellence is built on years of perfecting our craft and learning all there is to know about healthcare linen safety. We have built the strongest reinforcements around every aspect of our service – from handling and transportation to packaging and quality control.

With Unitex’s Hygienically Clean laundry process, high-class linens, on-time deliveries, and unsurpassed dependability, you and your patients can rest easy knowing that your linens are as safe and as clean as you need them to be.

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