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The issue of widespread staffing shortages has plagued the American healthcare system long before the start of the pandemic. In fact, a survey by the American Hospital Association shows a 30% increase in nursing job vacancies between the periods 2019 and 2020. And there is no end in sight for this problem, with vacancies expected to number more than 3.2 million by 2026.

It is crucial, now more than ever, to attract healthcare talent. And some of the solutions to this issue are simple to achieve. One of these small solutions with a major impact is uniform service.

What Healthcare Talent Likes About Uniform Service

Uniform service, on the surface, almost always seems like a benefit only for your facility. But its many advantages directly benefit your employees as well. Here are ways that uniform service can make your employees’ lives easier:

Convenient Uniform Maintenance

Uniform service ensures your employees hassle-free care and laundering of their uniforms. They no longer have to waste a second of their time off work processing healthcare uniforms. They don’t have to worry, either, about rushing to clean their uniforms in time for their shifts. Uniform service makes sure that they only have to show up to work. Their uniforms are waiting for them, cleaned and ready to use.

Lowered Acquisition and Maintenance Costs

Uniform service lowers the cost of acquiring and caring for uniforms. And this is especially beneficial for employees who would otherwise have to shoulder the cost of their uniforms. The costs are stable and predictable, which means that there is little to no interference to budgeting. This also means more job security since the more money a healthcare business saves, the more capable they are of maintaining their staff.

Hygienic Healthcare Laundering

The biggest benefit of uniform service to your employees is the assurance of better, more hygienic laundering. Your employees and their families won’t have to deal with the risks of handling and disinfecting their possibly contaminated uniforms.

The Best Healthcare Uniform Service for Your Facility

And when you’re ready to attract healthcare talent with medical uniform service, make sure to turn to one of the most dependable medical uniform services in the industry: Unitex! With Unitex, you can expect:

  • A Wide Selection of High-Quality Healthcare Uniforms. Unitex has the capacity to provide all the healthcare uniforms that you need for your entire workforce. Our selections include everything from standard scrubs to treatment-specific workwear apparel.
  • Hygienically Clean Healthcare Laundry Service. Unitex can further strengthen your current infection control measures with our Hygienically Clean-accredited laundry service. We can provide uniform cleanliness that leaves no trace of doubt.
  • On-Time, Accurate Deliveries. Unitex can also help you avoid the hassle and cost of workwear shortages. Your deliveries are accurate, on-time, and always dependable.

Contact Unitex Today!

Ensure the safety, convenience, and satisfaction of your healthcare employees with reliable healthcare uniform service from Unitex! Call us at 914-840-3200 to sign up for service or to learn more about our other services. Interested in a free quote? Click here!