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Linens and uniforms are among the trickiest supplies in a healthcare facility. There are so many things to consider, and even more things that can go wrong. In fact, they are so much easier to mismanage. And the consequences of poorly managed healthcare linens and uniforms are dire.

The True Consequence of Poorly Managed Healthcare Linens and Uniforms

Poorly managed healthcare linens and uniforms can create a domino of effects. Here’s how:

Negative Patient Experience

There are many ways that poor linen and uniform management can directly affect your patients’ overall experience. It can affect everything from the quality and cleanliness of your linens to their very availability. These can all have negative consequences on how your patients receive care.

Linen and Uniform Loss and Shortage

Linen loss is a nearly billion-dollar problem in the healthcare industry. And this can directly result from poor mismanagement. Not only do these losses lead to extensive, unnecessary costs. They can also affect the stability of your supplies and lead to shortages. These can, in turn, affect the efficiency, effectiveness, and even the quality of your patient care.

Out of Control Costs

Linen management is a balancing act of meeting the quality and quantity of your needs without jeopardizing your budget. Poor linen management can derail that. And there are many areas where mismanagement can go wrong – from picking your linen supplier to the cost of your on-premise laundry operations.

Infection Control Compromise

Your linens play a crucial role in your facility’s infection control efforts. And linen management is essential in getting that right. After all, linens are possible vehicles for cross-contamination in healthcare settings. Without proper and effective linen and uniform management, you might unwittingly put your patients and staff in a compromised position, endangering lives and wellbeing in the process.

Better Solutions for Your Healthcare Linen and Uniform Management Need

Fortunately, your facility does not have to live with these risks. You can always turn to outsourcing your healthcare linen and uniform services or hiring a professional facility management service.

  • Outsourcing Healthcare Linen Services. Outsourcing your healthcare linen and uniform services means entrusting all your needs to a fully capable third-party provider. From the procurement of your linens and uniforms to their maintenance, someone else is responsible for them. This means that you have all the support you need for your most important inventory and none of the burden. You get to reduce the weight of the management responsibility, not the quality or efficiency.
  • Laundry Management Services. Running on-premise laundry operations is never easy. It is rife with opportunities for mismanagement, especially in the area of cost and production efficiency. A facility management service can help you not just with managing your linen and uniform inventory, but also in getting the best results out of your on-site laundry facility.

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