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Discovering a fulfilling and rewarding career is the goal of any professional. At Unitex, a leading medical linen and apparel company, we are proud to feature career opportunities that advance your personal and professional growth.

Knowing that your work contributes to the well-being of countless patients and healthcare professionals. Unitex offers several positions to suit diverse skill sets and backgrounds. We ensure a perfect fit that challenges and improves your unique skillset. 

Open Positions at Unitex

We bring a host of opportunities for professionals ready to expand their horizons. Unitex professionals make a real difference in not just their lives but the lives of our healthcare heroes and their patients. Here are some of the positions that we’re looking to fill with top talent ready to take the next bold step in an evolving industry:


As a Unitex driver, you are the essential link between a company and its clients. You maintain timely delivery of clean linens and apparel to healthcare facilities and their patients. 


    • Route Driver: Our route drivers deliver clean medical linens and apparel to healthcare facilities, ensuring timely service while maintaining strong client relationships and upholding the commitment to quality.
    • CDL A: Our CDL A drivers are highly skilled professionals responsible for safely transporting medical linens and apparel using our state-of-the-art Unitex trucks. They adhere to strict regulations, manage delivery schedules, maintain customer relations, and extend the ideal image we strive to project. 
  • CDL B: CDL B drivers operate medium-sized commercial vehicles. They transport linens and apparel to healthcare facilities, manage delivery schedules, and strengthen customer relations.
  • Non-CDL Truck Driver: A Non-CDL truck driver at Unitex transports medical linens and apparel, usually within local or regional areas, while using smaller commercial vehicles. They ensure timely, safe deliveries and maintain customer relations while adhering to traffic laws and company standards.


Our expert Unitex mechanics ensure smooth operations by maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing advanced equipment used in linen processing. They work to enhance efficiency and adhere to safety standards, contributing to our overall productivity and commitment to quality to serve those who matter most – your business, staff, and patients. 


    • General Mechanic: Unitex general mechanics are jack-of-all-trades, showing proficiency in operating machinery focused on medical linens and uniforms. They perform maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting to uphold efficient operations.
  • Industrial Mechanic: Industrial mechanics specialize in the installation, troubleshooting, repairing, and maintenance of complex industrial machinery and equipment used in linen processing. By ensuring these systems operate at peak performance, they uphold our commitment to delivering high-quality medical linens and apparel.
  • Mechanic/Technician: Mechanics/technicians install, maintain, and repair industrial machinery and equipment. Their expertise ensures efficient operations, minimal downtime, and proper safety standards.

Production Worker

Unitex production workers are an integral part of our collective success, facilitating a consistently smooth flow of efficient operations. They perform activities on the production line and follow all safety policies/procedures. They also follow PPE/hygiene policies and communicate clearly with management. 

A Career At Unitex Supports Your Community

A career at Unitex fosters community development by providing local employment opportunities, investing in workforce training, and promoting sustainable practices. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures a more equitable workforce. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives support community projects to enrich the lives of the communities we serve. We elevate the standards of care in the healthcare industry. 

Call us today at (914) 840-3200, or email us to learn more about how we go above and beyond to empower you with opportunities that champion growth and help you write an exciting new chapter in your professional journey.