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If the question is whether healthcare linen and uniform service is right for your business, the answer is always yes! Outsourcing your linen and uniform supply needs is always more advantageous compared to running an on-premise laundry (OPL) facility. And we’ve got all the reasons why healthcare linen and uniform service beats OPL.

This is How Healthcare Linen and Uniform Service Beats OPL

Healthcare linen and uniform service benefits multiple areas of your facility’s inventory needs, especially:

The Budget

Lowering the cost of your linen and uniform needs is one of the biggest advantages that outsourcing has over OPLs. Laundry operations take up to 3% of a hospital’s budget. These expenses are spread out between the cost of buying and maintaining the healthcare linens and uniforms. The maintenance costs include both the long-term cost of equipment procurement and maintenance, and the recurring overhead costs (e.g., water, electricity). 

Healthcare linen and uniform service eliminates these costs. With linen and uniform service, all your facility pays for is the cost of used items. This study comparing a hospital’s OPL vs healthcare linen service costs showed near 30% reduction in linen spending with outsourcing.


Besides the financial costs, management is one of the costliest aspects of OPL operations. This includes everything from monitoring and balancing usage to the human resource aspect of the job. 

This is one other area where healthcare linen and uniform service beats OPL. Outsourcing eliminates all of the management burdens of OPL operations. Service providers take care of everything from securing the availability of supplies to the general handling and moving of inventory. This allows healthcare facilities to focus on the essential areas of operation, and not on endless piles of dirty laundry.


Healthcare linen and uniform maintenance is not only a costly aspect of inventory management. It is also one of the most demanding, both regarding volume and quality requirements. That’s another thing that healthcare linen and uniform services can address with ease and convenience. And in the hands of a service provider that has all the necessary accreditations, it also adds another layer of confidence.  

The Right Healthcare Linen and Uniform Service Provider for You

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