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There are no ‘small’ roles in the healthcare industry. The long hours, mental and emotional toll, physical demands, and the associated health risks are dissuading many from pursuing a career in healthcare. The hiring competition has gotten tighter, and it’s only going to get harder in the coming years. You’ll need to bank on the power of better, more irresistible incentives to get ahead of the competition. Using healthcare uniform service as a hiring incentive is one way to beat this trend and you’ll be surprised why.

The Challenges of Healthcare Uniforms

There are many things that make healthcare uniform management challenging. You don’t want to add these uniform care challenges into the mix:

Burden and Maintenance Costs

Uniform maintenance is a costly and time-consuming responsibility. This is especially burdensome when you factor in the fact that possibly-contaminated clothing should be immediately laundered and disinfected. Letting your employees take their uniforms home means they’ll have to do their laundry immediately after a long shift. Not to mention, the many small loads of laundry they’ll have to do adds up in the budget.

Uniform Quality

Garment quality is crucial in the functionality of the uniforms. Quality can also affect how well the uniforms can protect their wearers against work hazards. That is why maintenance is more than just about getting rid of visible and invisible stains. It is also about preserving the quality of your garments. And managing uniforms at home cannot guarantee quality.


Studies prove that disease-causing bacteria can end up on scrubs and lab coats. And letting your employees take their dirty uniforms home is a contamination risk. It endangers the people they live with at home and the people they hang around with in public. On the flip side, their clean uniforms can also pick up pathogens at home. These pathogens can cause serious breaches in your infection protocols and endanger your most vulnerable patients.

Why Healthcare Uniform Service as a Hiring Incentive Works So Well

Healthcare uniform services, without a doubt, address all the issues that come with healthcare uniforms. But why does healthcare uniform service as a hiring incentive work so well? Here’s how:

  • Convenience. Uniform service brings your employees more than just the promise of hassle-free maintenance. It represents total freedom from having to spend their off-time disinfecting their dirty uniforms. It means that their work-related responsibilities fully end when they clock out, not with a short pause before doing laundry.
  • Safety and Peace of Mind. Uniform hygiene is also one of, if not the best guarantee of safety for your potential employees. It is the most reliable promise that their uniforms are Hygienically Clean and up-to-standards on safety. And that conveys an image of concern for your employees’ welfare.

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