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How do you define success in the healthcare industry? Patients need to not only be healthy but happy with the results of their stay in your facility. Medical operations that want to improve patient satisfaction have many different options at their disposal.

The Key Metric to Measure Success is to Improve Patient Satisfaction

A happy patient is the reflection of a business that understands the value of the consumer. Too often, our competitors fall into the trap set by data and analytics, designed purely to maximize profit. It has its place, but Unitex will never let it distract from the most cherished element – your patients. 

Patient satisfaction is earned through core elements easily overlooked when your facility is focused in a million directions. They include an expression of care, sincerity, willingness to listen, and quality products. This is where we place our focus. Through our supply of expertly cleaned sheets, comfortable medical attire, and a pillowcase with a high thread count, you establish the patient’s expectation that they can count on you when they need you most. 

Comfortable Products

We’re committed to providing your patients with what they need so their stay is pleasant as can be. Even above the care provided by their healthcare professionals, lasting impressions are made through the simplest gestures. Sometimes, the outcome of a procedure or a diagnosis can’t be controlled, which is why we excel in the things we can. Fresh linens, washcloths, patient gowns, and assuring they’re warm and smell good help ease the patient’s stress in an environment that breeds it. 

Consistency & Supply

We enable you to earn patient trust by consistently supplying expertly-stitched linens to keep up with the demand of an environment where linens are changed frequently. By doing so, the wait time before your patients can get situated and comfortable during their stay is reduced. In an environment where time is of the essence, your patients will appreciate the urgency!

The Unitex Difference

Whether in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or all of New England, anywhere Unitex provides its service, the patient is #1. Another way Unitex demonstrates that is through the rigorous inspection of our products for stains, tears, and other imperfections. If we find them, they don’t see the light of day. Neither will your patient because you only get one chance at a good first impression. 

Being available and attention to detail are paramount. Attention to detail is also key. Adhering to our guidelines to maintain the quality of our products, like avoiding harmful chemicals that degrade the integrity of our linens will improve the quality of life for the user.

Improve Patient Satisfaction with Reliable, High-Quality Linen and Laundry Service from Unitex

We operate 24/7, 365 days a year to meet the growing demands of your patients with our round-the-clock service.

We do what we say we’re going to do. Anytime someone finds themselves in a medical facility, it can be a scary and concerning time. Comfortability during these moments is important, and we understand the need to feel safe while waiting anxiously for a procedure or test result. Our high-quality, reusable patient gowns offer another layer of security and comfort during those times of uncertainty.

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