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Do you have the right healthcare linen and uniform supplier in your corner? There’s more to service than dropping off items and picking them up later. If a provider has let you down in the past, it might be time for a reevaluation. Here’s what to consider when asking if your medical linen and uniform supplier truly meets your needs. 

How to Tell If Your Medical Linen and Uniform Supplier Meets Your Needs

A huge portion of your operations depends on the reliability of your medical linen and uniform supplier. Here’s how to tell that your needs are being met:

Consistent Stock

Supply fluctuations can lead to dangerous consequences. They can disrupt your operations and can outright endanger your patients. If you have to guess every delivery date, then your medical linen and uniform supplier is clearly failing to protect your facility and your patients.


Linen mix-ups, both in linen type and volume, can be as bad as inconsistent stock. Your service supplier fails you when your facility is not getting exactly what you need, how you need it, and when you need it.

Safety and Infection Control Support

Hygiene and safety are paramount to your patients’ wellbeing. That is why you have infection control protocols in place and you adhere to safety standards. Your linen and uniform supplier should be your partner in meeting these safety requirements. If any part of your linen and apparel service provider’s handling process is insecure, they are clearly failing you.

Quality Assurance

The quality of your linens affects your operations and is an essential factor in patient comfort and their overall experience. Your service provider should be able to guarantee the quality of your items. From the simplest washcloth to crucial surgical linens, each item should meet quality requirements, across the board.

Customer Support

Outsourcing any service can only truly succeed with mutual trust and cooperation between both parties. This is especially crucial for healthcare linen and uniform supply services. A facility’s linen needs can vary from day to day and some are more demanding than others. Your service provider should be able to support your facility throughout these changes.

If your service provider fails to meet even one of these standards, it’s time to rethink your choice. And it’s time to look into the healthcare linen and uniform service expert that never disappoints: Unitex!

Unitex: Medical Linen and Uniform Solutions that Meet Your Needs and Exceed Your Expectations

Unitex has everything that your facility needs and more! We offer:

  • Extensive Selections of High-Quality Healthcare Linens and Uniforms. Unitex has some of the widest selections of linens and uniforms designed for every area of your healthcare operations. Unitex can take care of all your facility’s needs – from patient essentials to a complete selection of medical uniforms.
  • Quality Assurance with Industry Accreditations. We are experts at keeping your healthcare linens and uniforms at their cleanest and safest. And we have the accreditations to prove that! Every aspect of our process meets the highest standards set for the industry. Our laundry and handling process consistently yields the cleanest, safest, and most dependable results.
  • Secure and Complete Support. Unitex is the one-stop-shop for your facility’s every linen and uniform need. No matter the size or type of your facility, we have everything you need – from patient rooms to frontline essentials. We even have your maintenance supply needs covered.

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