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Aside from proper treatment, a patient’s overall experience is one of the most important aspects of medical care. A substantial factor in patient experience is interaction with your medical care professionals. How medical professionals present themselves affects that patient experience. Professional medical uniform service can improve the appearance of your staff, thereby improving patients’ care experience.

Here’s how:

Improved Appearance, Improved Patient Experience

Better medical uniforms are great for improving the image of your facility and your personnel. While appearance and aesthetics aren’t the highest priority in the medical industry, it is held to the strictest cleanliness standards.  

Patients get wary at the sight of yellowed, stained, or shabby medical uniforms. It’s hard enough to have to stay in a medical facility for an extended period of time, but the sight of staining can be quite disarming. It can impact their overall opinion and experience of being in your facility’s care.

The right medical uniform service helps prevent this. With the expertise, reliable supply, and industry-standards adherence your facility receives with medical laundry service, your medical professionals won’t have to worry about facing patients in dirty or stained uniforms. After all, there’s few things more disconcerting to a patient than a caregiver who looks disheveled, unclean, or unprepared.  

Improved Safety and Hygiene

Appearing clean is one thing. To be actually clean is another, more crucial thing. The way you maintain your professional medical uniforms can make all the difference.

The right medical uniform service provider will be one that has all the skill, experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to secure the cleanliness of your medical uniforms. This means that your patients can rest in the full assurance of a clean, safe, hygienic environment without fear of exposure to contaminants.

This is especially crucial for patients who are more vulnerable to nosocomial or Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs).

Where to Get Medical Uniform Services for Your Facility

Of course, it goes without saying that these benefits are only possible if you have the right medical uniform service provider. What makes a good and ideal medical uniform service provider?

  • Quality Products. Good uniform services always begin with great uniforms. There is no amount of servicing and maintaining that can turn low-quality uniforms into great quality, good looking ones.
  • Experience and Expertise. There is no masterclass to turn an amateur uniform service provider into an expert overnight. Actual expertise is built on years and years of practice, forged in obstacles of all kinds, before a service provider emerges as an expert that can no longer be fazed by any challenge.
  • Capacity to Deliver Hygienic Results. With safety being a core requirement and benefit of working with a quality uniform service provider, you’ll need to see proof that a uniform service provider can deliver hygienic, safe results supported by proven and effective procedures with proactive, preemptive safeguards against cross-contamination at every step of the process.
  • Reliable, Approachable Customer Support Service. Good service for your uniform supply comes with excellent, dedicated, and friendly customer support that looks into what you need and makes sure you get it.

If there’s one company that meets all of these standards, it’s got to be Unitex! Unitex has all the services and benefits you want for your medical uniform needs. You’re only one phone call away from enjoying all of these benefits and more.

Unitex is Your Premier Healthcare Uniform Provider

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