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Medical linen and uniform service in New Jersey that can be trusted and relied upon is close. Whether you’re tired of dealing with low-quality service or if you’re tired of on-premise laundering (OPL), it is the best solution. 

So, how do you deal with your medical linen and uniform needs? If you’re looking for excellent results for less effort, a questionable provider or on-premise laundry facility might not be the best way to go.

Here’s why:

New Jersey Medical Linen and Uniform Service vs. OPLs

Using a medical linen and uniform rental service in New Jersey is the best way to secure hygienic medical linen and uniforms. While the control and closeness OPL’s offer are attractive in theory, what it translates to is wasted space, great expense, and endless frustration.

This why third-party service provider will easily outperform an on-premise laundry. Here’s where you’ll see the biggest disparities:

Increased Efficiency

A medical linen service gives your facility the freedom to focus major resources on your main services. Linen and uniform concerns can no longer weigh down your operations. This means improved, unburdened delivery of service, from the confidence of knowing that your linen supplies are clean and available.  

Controlled Overhead

Linen and uniform rental get a bad rap because of the popular misconception of cost. Rental, after all, does not seem like the more cost-efficient, long-term option. That is until all the costs of running an on-premise laundry facility get accounted for. Overhead costs really do add up! It isn’t the one-time investment that it initially seems to be. The expenses don’t end with equipment acquisition. There are energy and water consumption costs, labor and management costs, and the cost of equipment maintenance. A medical linen and uniform service saves your facility from all that. You have a streamlined, single expense that is easy to follow and adjust.

The Most Convenient Way to Secure Your Linen Safety

Linen safety does not have to account for an entirely separate department in your facility. A reliable medical linen service program can help without any additional effort on your end. Convenience does not just come from the availability of supplies. This is especially evident in keeping the labor costs and management requirements down. Housekeeping jobs account for some of the highest turnover rates (up to 60% annually) in medical facilities. This not only raises your costs but also your stress. As a result, this has negative impacts on the resulting quality of your linen care and management. A professional medical linen and uniform service saves you from all that.

That said, not all third-party providers ensure excellence. Some are still better and more secure than others. You need to look into many things – facility, track record, expertise, and experience – to get reliable results.

And in the long list of New Jersey medical linen and uniform service providers, only one stands out for its excellence: Unitex!

The Unitex Difference

Unitex is the undisputed expert in the realm of professional care for medical textiles and garments! Our track record for excellence spans more than 90 years. Throughout the many technological advancements in the industry, we have maintained our status as the most trusted.

We can provide the linens and uniforms your facility needs, accommodate fluctuating needs, and ensure Hygienically Clean healthcare laundry results. With Unitex, expect your items delivered expertly, delicately, and securely.

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For all your ambulatory and long-term healthcare facility needs, trust only the number one New Jersey medical linen and uniform service provider: Unitex! Call us at (914) 840-3200 or fill out this form to get in touch with us.