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Nurse uniform service in Pennsylvania through Unitex is everything a medical facility needs from a medical uniform service.

Between on-premise laundry and medical uniform service, there are many factors to consider when deciding what’s best for you. Luckily, Unitex knows what considerations to ponder when deciding whether nurse uniform service is right for your Pennsylvania medical facility. 

Do You Need a Nurse Uniform Service?

Nurse uniform service can be a powerful lifeline for any medical facility that either wants to ensure nurse clothing is clean, or wants to streamline their current laundry practices.

You might need a nurse uniform service if:

Your Medical Facility Employees Full-Time Nurses

Any facility, no matter how big or small, that has nurses is better off with a nurse uniform service. A uniform service ensures that there will always be an ample supply of uniforms and backup uniforms no matter how hectic things get. And in healthcare facilities, there is always a good chance of things getting hectic.

Your Nurse Uniforms Are In Need of an Upgrade

Higher quality nursing scrubs and uniforms can be quite pricey when purchased. It doesn’t matter who shoulders the cost of these new uniforms; they come with a hefty price tag. A uniform service for nurses, however, allows you and your employees access to higher quality garments at a more flexible and affordable rental rate.

You Want to Improve Infection Control 

Clothing can pick up anything and everything, including harmful and infectious pathogens. Allowing your nurses to go home and back to work in their scrubs increases the risk of clothing-induced cross-contamination. A nurse uniform service prevents that from happening. By making sure that the uniforms neither leave nor enter your facility except in sealed, sterile garment bags, you are effectively lowering contamination risks. Your nurses are safe. Your patients are safe. The public is safe. These are more than enough reasons to sign up for a reliable nurse uniform service in Pennsylvania.

You Want to Ensure Uniform Consistency and Quality

It goes without saying that professional laundry facilities clean clothes way better than any at-home equipment can. Aside from better results, a professional nurse uniform service is your key to getting consistent, across-the-board cleanliness for all your nurses’ uniforms.

You Want to Unburden Employees

Nursing is one of the most laborious and selfless professions out there. The hours are long. The challenges are constant and sometimes overwhelming. It would do your facility’s hardest workers a lot of good to not have to worry about the maintenance of their uniforms when they are not at work. It saves them from the effort, cost, and the added burden of having to disinfect, wash, and iron their uniforms.

Unitex: The Better Choice for Nurse Uniform Service in Pennsylvania

When you decide to take the route of outsourcing uniform service, there’s only one medical uniform service in Pennsylvania that you can trust: Unitex!

Unitex has proven itself in quality, reliability, and complete efficiency. We have years of experience under our belt and reputable accreditations that attest to our excellence as a medical laundry facility.

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